Ferguson Vs. Dariusha: Can El Cuki Return To A Big Game

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July 25, 2022
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May 15 will be held 262 rooms of the ufc tournament, which will delight fans with a whole set of colorful fighting. To them, of course, can be attributed to the ferguson fight against dariusha. Detailed announcement and forecast of the upcoming superboy – in our news sports.

Ferguson vs. Dariusha: Can El Cuki return to a big game
Content: 1. Ferguson – dariusch: what stands on konu boy2. Tony ferguson – dariusch: forecast of fighters and experts on duel3. Forecast for ferguson – dariusch from bookmakers3.One. Bc coefficients «olympus»: 3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»:
mixed martial arts
tony ferguson
beneyel dariusus

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Ferguson – dariusch: what is on the bob

Ufc love and know how to surprise. Despite the fact that the upcoming tournament will consist only of one champion party, the stars of mixed martial arts here will be enough for several events of the organization (the main thing is that they all be healthy before the event). Here you and the title battle for the belt, which even recently belonged to habiba nurmagomedov, between charles oliveira and michael chandler, and the barbosi bargosa cut, and, of course, the meeting of tony ferguson with beaeil dariou.

For tony and his fans is a special match. The fact is that el cukui is now on the verge of a grand fall. The fighter that was recently considered the most dangerous rival for habiba, suffered two defeats in the risk and risks to retire. Ferguson is no longer young, he is 38 years old that for lightweight weight is a revered age. Drazes from justin gaiture and charles olweier seriously staged his authority in a light division and brought almost to zero chances of a title fight. Fight with dariusche – this is a chance to return the missed positions.

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That’s just it will not be. Dariush – present challenge for el cowing. Younger, with a black belt on bzh and skills in thai boxing, iranets walks on a series of six victories in a row. Habib himself in one of his comments called iranian «the most undervalued division fighter». In his fists there is a knockout power, it is good on earth and in a rack. The main weakness of dariusha – endurance – in this meeting will not help ferguson, as the battle is designed for three rounds.

Theraefore, intrigue will be in the physical and emotional form of tony himself. He is not the one before. Colorful and bloody burgers seriously affected his health. It not so fast, less diverse in attacks, and his frank ignoring of protection can seriously augriate in battle with iranian. Yes, ferguson has not yet fallen into a non-knockout knockout, but more thank been in a knockdown, and it’s not a fact that this time he will endure brews. Butt, most likely, the battle will last all three rounds and will end with a judicial decision in favor of one of the athletes. But this will definitely be a bright and exciting fight, because both rivals – big masters collect bonuses for «best evening performance».

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Tony ferguson – dariusch: forecast of fighters and experts on a duel

Tony Ferguson - Dariusch: Forecast of Fighters and Experts to Fight

Many fighters and representatives of the world mma expressed their assumptions on the confrontation of the outcome of the confrontation of tony with dariousshe. So manager of habiba and găgan ali abdel-aziz believees that the american has signed a deadly sentence, agreeing with iranian. Ali believees that belein is better in all aspects: great, hadic.

Tony also spoke about the duel. He gave his rival, noting that beneel was at a high level for a long time (19 fights in ufc and only four defeats – red.He is left-handed with a strong bwow, while perfectly mixes work in the rack and fight. But at the same time, fergie stressed that now is at a higher level, promising that the fans will see «old ferguson».

In turn, dariush noted the unpredictability of his opponent. According to him, to battle with tony it is diffart to prepare because of this, as you do not know take in octave. Benein wants to win his own weapon – «creativeness».

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Ex-fighter ufc cheil sonnen believees that dariusch will win ferguson because «the new applicant must remove the old» from his way. Cheil calls tony with a steep fighter with the olympic rod and will to victory, but it will not be enough for victory. The acting fighter of ufc, hunter azure adheres to the same opinion. However, his recent rival jack shore agrees with him. He believees that tony will return to the path of victories, his style will help him to defeat dariusha, who is not such a strong knockout, like gaga, and not such a steep grappler as oliveira.

Forecast for ferguson – dariusch from bookmakers

Bookmaker company in their forecast for ferguson fight – dariush, allocate iranian as a favorite. The last two defeats tony seriously affected the faith of experts in his success.

Bc coefficients «olympus»:

Tony ferguson – 2.4;

Beneyeel dariusus – 1,62.

Bc coefficients «league rates»:

Tony ferguson – 2.3;

Beneyeel dariusus – 1,62.

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