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January 12, 2022
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According to daily mail, sir alex ferguson will conduct training «manchester united» together with a valid mentor «mancunians» uhh gunnar sulcherompeed sunday match against «bornmuta».

Ferguson Will Again Train Manchester United

«Manchester united» going to partially follow the example «bavaria», which during the crisis calls for the aid of his successful mentor yuppa hyunkes. Only mj has a great sir alex ferguson, wh was the head coach «red devils» for 27 years. With land «manu united» having gotten 38 trophies, 13 times became the champion of the champons league.

In 2013, sir alex left the post of coach, last time won the championship with the club. After that, u «red» heavy times have come and three coaches have changed. The latter was jose mourinho, who was fired after a number of failures, and an ex-player mu uh sulcher was invited to his place. According to media information, ferguson himself performed one of the initiators of this appointment.

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Ole has got the lads working hard in training! ???? #mufc

Publication from manchester united (@manchesternited) 28 dec 2018 at 6:24 pst

After coming to the post of manager, norwegez first announced that the team would be correct to the covenants «boss» (as i called sir alex players) and return to the attacking style of the game. Butt, apparently, the great mentor has already begun to influence the situation in the club not only through the maintenance of the command spirit, but will also be directly involved in the preparation of players for matches.

At first, sulcher said in an interview, he consults about the upcoming games with fergie, and now daily mail reported that the legendary coach will take part in training «red devils» before sunday fight against «bornmuta».

Objectively, sir alex, known by the fact that by the trainer he kept under the control of almost all areas of the ceblers life (from the transfer of the players, before management of technical staff) did not really leave life «manu united». He, like sir bobby charlton, regularly visited the matches and periodically advised mentors.

However, in may of this year, he survived the stroke and removed from visiting the teams of the tam for some time. Butt, apparently, despite the recent health problems, the 76-year legend of the club decided to again take everything under its control and help the club return to the top.

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