Fifteen-Year-Old Spaniard Won € 200,000 In The Lottery

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January 13, 2022
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The spanish state lottery was in a very difficult position, after a winner of one of the lottery draws was declared a teenager. Jackpot lottery el niño amounted to €200 thousand.

Fifteen-Year-Old Spaniard Won € 200,000 in the Lottery

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The winner is the name of cosmon rotary, he is 15 years old and he lives in barcelona. Happy teenager told the spanish media that he bought a lottery ticket before christmas for €twenty.

The problem is that, according to the requirements of the state organization sociedad estatal loterías y apuestas del estado (selae), players who participate in the lottery must be over 18 years old. Rotary claims that the ticket was bought with the permission of his father. However, retailersile for compliance with the law are not exempt from their obligations.

Groups representing licensed operators of spanish gambling, which are regularly accused of attracting minor players to participate in gambling, call on the government to attract responsible for the answer.

The governments of spain is currently developing legislation that will seriously limit the ability of private gambling operators to sell their products. Actually adopted limitations are similar to those previously applied to the tobacco industry. Nevertheless, the government did not give a clear answer about whether the new rules will be applied to state operators, such as selae.

Selae also controls digital sales channels. In june last year, the operator’s website recorded 1 million registered users. Total online sales in 2017 exceeded €136 million, which is 17% more compared with the turnover of 2016.

Cejuego, a sectoal association representing private gaming operators, including codere, cirsa, r franco and novomatic, published a statement that the representatives of the association intend to meet with opficials representing the ministry of finance, to clarify «state policies for minor players».

In cejuego, also noted that the media attention paid toen to the unexpected win of the teenger, publishing his photos winning ticket and others may encourage other minors to violate the law, buying lottery tickets.

Recall that the advisory council was elected in spain, which consists of industry experts of the gaming industry, in order to develop a country’s responsible strategy regarding gambling.

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