Fight Nurmagomedova And Ferguson: Date Of The Main Duel Ufc Is Named

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April 21, 2022
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Ufc fight between habib nurmagomedov and tony ferguson appointed for the spring next year. Officials gave comments on this, but the contract does not seem to be signed. Does the fifth try to organize a cult duel?

Fight Nurmagomedova and Ferguson: Date of The Main Duel Ufc is Named

Habib nurmagomedov vs ferguson: date of battle is called a reliable source

Information about the date came from the dana white – the heads of the ufc and the man who swear no longer take for the organization of the game fight habib and tony. And his mood could be understood, because as many as four times the meeting of the fighters was canceled for various kinds of reasons. The president of the organization even managed to nick this fight «cursed».

In a separate material, we also told about the next battle of mcgregor’s conior, the rival of which is likely to become serrole.

But, objectively speaking, the meeting of these fighters should take place in octave, the fans have long been waiting for this and ready to suffer a little more, if only it happened. According to dana white, it was decided to carry out a tournament, in which the fight on the pay-per-view scheme will take place.

Apparently, the most anticipated tournament will take place on april 18 next year. Location for the fifth battle attempt is chosen by brooklyn, although las vegas seems more preferable. However, habib nurmagomedov actively spoke against lv, saying that he did not want to beat there, and even if they apologized, it would not be. Brooklyn is satisfied with both athletes.

Location for the fifth battle attempt chose Brooklyn

In a special material, we analyzed the situation around the battle of nurmagomedov against maevezer.

About the place of the fight announced in his account in «twitter» manager of the dagestan fighter – ali abdel-aziz. In addition, the agent attacked the screen, on which part of the contract between the american and the dagestan.

According to the information provided on the social network page, the contract was signed or developed yesterday – november 25. After that, ali published a few more posts on the topic, in which they mentioned that everyone pray for the health of both fighters.

There is information that tony ferguson is not quite satisfied with the terms of the contract for the fight with habib, so it’s silent about him in social networks. But due to the fact that the duel is too important (on the horse – ufc champion title in lightweight weight) and long-awaited – forced to agree.

Previously, we wrote about the second marriage of father habib nurmagomedov.

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