Fighter Habib Nurmagomedov Remained Unhappy With Ismailov Interview

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May 25, 2022
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Fighter ufc habib nurmagomedov commented on magomeda ismailov’s last interview, in which the athlete answered questions regarding religion. The champion in light weight did not approve of the said by a colleague, advised him to deepen in some questions and expand the vocabulary.

Fighter Habib Nurmagomedov remained unhappy with Ismailov interview

Fighter ufc nurmagomedov did not pass by the uslam and criticized «ignorance» colleagues

The topic of religion for the ufc champion habib nurmagomedova is a special important. Such a conclusion can be done, looking at the social network «instagram». In the account of the famous athlete often appear publications of the prophelences and quotes from the scriptures.

Note that mma habib fighter confezzes islam, which is the most popular religion in dagestan. Many other mixed martial arts fighters in russia are also muslims, for example, natives of chechnya and ossetia.

Currently, muslims passes ramadan, so the topic of religion is more popular on the network. Earlier on the magomeda ismailov page in «instagram» a video interview appeared in which he talks about islam and responds to the thematic issues of journalist.

In our separate article, we talked about the verbal worker of the konora mcgregor and habiba in «twitter».

Shortly after the appearance of the ufc champion in the lightweight weight of habib nurmagomedov. Judging by the review of the dagestanz, the fighter did not like all the statements of magi ismailov. Habib wrote that hero of the interview did not have enough knowledge on history and vocabulary stock. Also dagestan advised his brother on religion more read about the prophets.

Magomed Ismailov

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Note that earlier the father of habib nurmagomedov discovered coronavirus. Abdulmanap a few weeks is in the hospital, his condition is assed as hard. Ufc champion father suffered a stroke and artificial to whom. Friend friend ramazan rabadanov noted that 75% of the lungs of nurmagomedov-senior are amazed.

Earlier, we wtrote about the words of supporting the nurmagomedovo family from dana white and the conorm of mcgregor.

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