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January 12, 2022
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In 2018, gambling operators together with representatives of regulators stopped plenty of suspicious matches and corruption in the field of tennis rates, timely adopting measures to prevent the integrity of sports.


Regulatory bodies, such as the uk gambling commission, called on operators to pay more attention to cooperation with sports organizations and sports reporting to minimize the risk of the organization of contractual matches.

The commission emphasized that operators need to increase the inspections, track the passage of the mast and rates, and in general, respond timely to prevent crime, including money laundering.

Punishment measures for participants of contractual matches

The tennis integrity department (tiu) formed in october of this year took measures to prevent violations in matches and rates, declaring the introduction of life disqualification for tennis judges participating in such a collusion.

It was found that three judges manipulated accounts entered into the official score counting system in order to receive personal financial benefits. As a result, their life discalified. This demonstrates the effectiveness of general-industry measures to combat corruption in the sports world.

In addition, such actions show the seriousness of the offense and the need for regulatory authorities to act in order to prevent corruption in sports and betting.

The innovations followed the integrity check (irp) review, which announced the results of the study aimed at studying the issues related to the contractual matches, corruption in tennis in april of this year.

It turned out that 464 of 3200 surveyed professional tennis players knew about the contractual matches. In this regard, it was recommended that the atp, wta and itf governing bodies are revised both the structure of tournaments and ranking systems.

The gambling commissioning also stated that it was necessary to maintain and facilitate cooperation between market operators and other organizations dealing wield and the raising standards for the integrity of sports rates, as well as to work on strength.

Recall: service will be launched in russia to track contractual matches.

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