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June 22, 2022
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Speech by the skater of valiyeva at the russian cup came out not the most successful: after the best score for the short program, camila failed arbitrary, forcing himself about his failure, even abroad. At the same time, the young athlete found the strength to move on, the fans of the new post.

Figureka Valiev Published A Touching Post About Coaches

The figure skater camila valiyeva showed not the most successful performance, but on – more

The day before the stage of the russian cup on figure skating in moscow took place – the first official adult competition for the 14-year-old student eteri tutberidze camila walieva. Young figure skater failed an arbitrary program, several times permitting drops and blots. More about the stage of the kyrgyz republic in moscow, the winner of which sasha coward was, we told in a separate article.

Even before his debut, the figure skater became a correspondent star of 2020/2021: as an exception, such a young athlete was allowed to adult competitions, where many star and strong figure skaters live without it. Such a state of affairs could not but impose a burden of responsibility on 14-year-old valiev, which in addition to everything became also one of the main hopes «sambo-70». Some experts call such pressure the camila on the kyrgyz republic.

It’s allina zagitiotov and the transition of alexandra podovoy with alena kosotnaya to the academy of evgenia plushenko: only anna shcherbakova remained from ether from the stars. Indition, it’s no secret that it was on valiev tutberidze and co. Will bet on the olympics, but its program «bolero» became a suitable announcement for this.

Camila Valiev

Yes, while everything looks raw, especially after not the best start of the figure skater on adult arena. Nevertheless, the 14-year-old camila valieva found the strength to gather and move on, even if, after the speech, the girl alloded himself to succumb to emotions and break off during «first canal».

Coach of figure skaters camiles valiyeva eteri tutberidze note did not comment on the public a lubricated speech of the debutant. However, a touching post appeared on the page of the figurist itself, in which sheated that he was happy to work with such talented people, thanking them for their contribution to her success. On the photo series, you can find a joint shot of camiles with eteri tutberidze and daniel gleihengauz, made during the announcement of estimates for a short program. At the end of the signature to publication, the 14-year figure skater added phrase «we work on».

Figure Camila Valiev

Fans are convinced: camiles have a valid nature of the future olympic champion that the figure skater has proven its decent response to defeat.

In our other material, we told about the success of camila walieva in the junior level of the international scale.

Earlier we wrote about junior – maye chrome, who managed to declare herself as a rising star of figure skating in russia.

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