Filipino Investigators Were Overpowered And Committed Unreasonable Arrest

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January 31, 2023
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The ministry of justice philippines criticized officials of the national bureau of investigations and the philippine bureau of charitable raffle (pcso) for insufficient scrupulusity in the closure of five illegal online casinos.

Filipino Investigators Were Overpowered and Committed Unreasonable Arrest

Online casino globaltech mobile online corporation from keson city. Raid and subsequent closure of online casino led to the arrest of 15 people.

The ministry of justice analyzed the evidence provided by the evidence and materials of the trial and concluded that officials did not carefully have conducted an investigation before taking measures against globaltech. Officials ignored the court order, prohibiting the state-owned gambling regulator to terminate the company’s activities. At the time of the arrest, the ruling still acted.

The order of the court was published by the regional office of the court of first instance of the city of pasig. According to the decision, the globaltech licenseled by the globaltech license due to the intended inability to handle game operations in 2016. It was about the operations of the company in the amount of about £100 million in the form of state shares.

Nbi and pcso held a raid after the complaint of marcelo flores, vice president great platinum gaming online.

The high-ranking group of prosecutors of the ministry of justice said that the evidence provided by nbi and pcso is not enough.

«The confidence of nbi operativeives to the documents repressed by pcso, and the flores letter is incappriate, given the fact that the have not been verified», – reported in the prosecutor’s office.

Recall that present philippines rodrigo duther confirmed its intention to deal with the spread of gambling online games.

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