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April 25, 2022
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While single-sigh women are just getting ready to enter into battle, junior girls are already leading fire fighting. America alice lew leads, but the outstand from the fourth place is only 2 points. How did the athlete performed in the grand prix finals and that they prepared for an arbitrary – in our material.

Final Grand Prix In Turin (Girls): Results of the short program - Alice Lew Leads

Alice lew made a serious application, but everyone will decide the details

Atne, four representatives of russia participate in the final of the grand prix of juniors: daria usacheva, ksenia sinitsina, camila valieva and victoria vasilyeva. Each of them claims to take the highest award. But after a short program, you can only say with confidence that the podium will not cost without russians. The reason why – alice lew.

The 14-year-old american has become a real discovery of last year after woning in junior and adult us championship. She is a very serious competitor to russian athletes, in her arsenal there is both triple axel, and the quarter lutz. Both ultra-s-si jumps she introduced this season as part of the junior stage of the grand prix in the us.

In a short program, the girl rolled out unistakably and received 71.19 points, capturing leadership. The second now there is daria usacheva with 70.15 points in the asset. Closes troika ksenia sinitsina (69.40). As you can see, the gap is minimal. Moreover, no one of the russians has lost the chances of winning theoretically, since the camila waliyeva – 69.02 points, and victoria vasileva – 68.07.


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However, the level of their arbitrary challenges is significantly inferior to american. Alice stated in his pp such elements: 3a + 2t, 4lz + 3t, 4lz, 3a. In turn, none of the russians in his application pointed out quadruple jumps. Limit to the triple and camila valiev, despite the fact she has already successfully showed four in the season. Apparently, the coaching staff decided to conserve a 13-year-old athlete for which this grand prix became the first in his career.

So the task of russians – roll back the most pure and artistically and hope for an error of the rival, which has set a very high bar. Although it is not surprising. The figure skater confessed to interviews that alexander troopsov inspires her, especially her courage.

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