Final Tournament In London: Federer Started With Defeat Tima, Both Showed Speeds And Dynamics

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April 19, 2022
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Swiss tennis player roger federer closes the top three rating. He slowly gives the position, but now the athlete does not bet on the number of points, but on victory in the tournament. The main goal of tennis player – become the most titled in history, but the first game for federer came out.

Final Tournament in London: Federer Started With Defeat Tima, Both Showed Speeds and Dynamics

The final tennis tournament in 2019 carries a threat to «large triple», especially for federer

In the first game of the current final tournament, roger federer met with dominic tim – young and strong tennis player. Tim has the experience of staying in the top 5 of the atp list, however, at the moment, daniel medvedev, stefanos cycipas and alexander zverev are considered its main competitors in the class.

Perhaps this trend is caused by a stereotype of invincibility «large triple». Interestingly, the above-mentioned tennis players have already won the top 3 representatives. This took up dominic tim in the first match of the final tennis tournament.

In a separate article we talked about the victory of the former first racket of the world on «masters» in basel, who has always been special for roger federer.

Austrian managed to win both seta, crushing the swiss by second feeds, break-spindles and gami wins. In the coursee of the match it was noticeable that federer was hard.

Judging by the explicit fatigue of roger, the competition of compets in paris to prepare for the london tournament was not enough. The game ended with the score of 5: 7, 5: 7 in favor of tim. For victory, austrian needed 1 hour and 42 minutes.


In the next match, within the framework of the federer group stage, he will play with berrettini, who previously lost novak djokovich. Recall that quite recently, the serb gave way to the world, the spaniard rafael nadael, what we told about in our separate material.

Interestingly, the swiss as part of a group round will have to play with djokovich. Novak beat roger in the wimbledon final of this year, but federer said he was accepting defeat and was ready to fight for victory.

As for the game against tim, then the third racket of the world spoke more nervously. He recognized the focus was on the fact that he felt not in his plate and that the first set was, rather, equal.

In an interview for tennisworld, the athlete reported his concern.

«I can’t explain it: i can be nervous in the first round in basel moreetimes i don’t feel my game or scares me unknown. Pressure on me is always very strong, everyone wants me to won».

Earlier, we wtrote about the shanghai tournament, in the final of which the russian daniel medvedev won.

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