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March 17, 2022
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Finnish ministry of internal affairs start consultation and commentaries on large-scale reform of lottery law.

The proposed reforms will allow the monopoly operator veikkaus to carry out activities in the field of b2b and create a subsidiary company to provide products and providing services in the field of gambling to other legal entities.

Reforms also include strengthening consumer protection and measures to combat the non license gambling market.

Marketing will be prohibited "especially harmful gaming, such as slot machines," although there will be no additional restrictions on marketing products for sports betting.

National police management will be authorized to draw up a "black list" licensed at the international level of gambling sites aimed at customers in finland. Local banks and payment systems will have to block payments for similar resources.

The ministry said:

"The main background of the gambling system of finland will be based on the state monopoly and in accordance with the state program".

The deadline for filing comments – february 5, 2021. The government’s proposal must be submitted to parliament in june 2021.

Source: official website of the ministry of internal affairs of finland

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