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April 22, 2022
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Finnish gambling monopoly veikkaus undertakes to reduce the number of slot machines presented in the country’s gembling establishments. The process will be launched in january 2020, it is planned that until the technique will be removed from operation.

FINNISH Gambling Monopoly Will Reduce The Number of Slots

The reduction will occur against the background of the work of the industry, which suggestion the deepest wedementation of the principles of social responsibility. Action set assumes the launch of mandatory elements related to the complication of the procedure for identifying players. Representatives of gambling monopoly suggest that innovations will provoke a drop in user involvement in operations related to the work of the slots.

Veikkaus seeks to reduce the number of slots up to 15 thousand. By the end of the 2020th. Based on this, presumably 3.5 thouusand. Units of technology will be deried from operation.

Marco pelkorpi, executive vice president laikkaus, said that the company launched the process of reducing the number of slot machines to ensure consumer rights. Note that the actions of gambling monopoly were also caused by criticism associated with the dominance of gambling equipment in certain regions of the country.

In fact, the process involves limiting the number of gambling equipment on each gembling object. So, only seven units of technology can be placed in hypermarkets and distribution points. Recall that at the moment we are talking about the work of dozens of cars.

The maximum number of slot techniques that can be placed in restaurants will be five units. Some terminals are not technically able to meet the new requirements of identification of players, therefore will be disposed of at all.

Reducing the number of slot machines will significantly affect the profit of Veikkaus

Marco pelkorpi also stated that the reduction in the number of slot machines would significantly affect the profit of veikkaus. According to preliminary calculations, we are talking about loss €30 million. The commission paid to the landlords will be reduced by about €4.5 million.

So that all interested parties can observe the process of introducing innovations, the gambling monopoly will provide reporting data every two months. The first will be published in march 2020.

It is believed that the program will last until 2025. At that time, only 10.5 thousand will remain in the country, allegedly. Techniques.

The activity of the company may be associated with the threat of the loss of monopoly status, against which most of the citizens of finland.

Recall that veikkaus in the summer of the current year announced the creation of the internal committee on ethics.

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