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January 14, 2022
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The finnish industry of online gambling is considered quite limited, since the country has a monopoly of one operator – veikkaus. However, local lawmakers are planning a capital revision of the industry.

FINNISH Online Gambling Admirates Swedish Experience

Finnish online gambling sector until recently was very similar to swedish. In finland, the monopoly of one operator for the provision of various gembling services: lottery, sports betting, slot machines and horsepower rates. It greatly limits the market. Theraefore, local authorities decided to conduct an audit of the online gambling industry. This was announced in december 2018. Soon the finnish gambling regulator will be littered with applications for licensing, which is especially reevant, taking income of veikkaus.

Sevel operators have already begun advertising campaigns in finland. Online casino are ready to offer a convenient output of funds to the accounts of finnish banks and the use of the state language in games.

Adjustable swedeen market needs localized games for online casino, like any other. This question is relevant for european states, where english is not the main language. Despite the fact that the swedish market was officially separatedd only a few days ago, several large developers of slot machines, such as microgaming, are alady offered localized games.

The developers of the online casino in finland shold also be prepared for the fact that, as soon as new legislation enters into force, they will need to provide the entire range of services at the proper level. Indition to the transotion of the text, it is possille for them to make changes to the the game themselves so that they met the new rules of the market. Restrictions can also touch the frequencies and size of financial transactions.

When developing new software companies will need to consider the thematic interestic of local players.

Recall: according to the data of the finnish state lottery company veikkaus, which, among other things, is responsible for the slot machines, in 2016, residents of finland sport on the order slots €582 million. In 2017, this amount rose to €one.8 billion.

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