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February 10, 2022
2 minutes

Match «valencia» – «real» madrid ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor «bats». This is the first defeat for the newly returned head coach «creamy» – zinnina zidana.


Before the match, zinyin zidan in attempts to optimize the game team reformed the composition by changing 7 players. Modrich, croos, asencio, varan, vasquez and casemiro. Protected gate keilor navas.

Despite the pressure «valencia», «realu» it was possible to avoid mistakes and control the ball at the beginning of the meeting, but did not have enough scoring moments or on the extreme case of strikes on the goal. The first ball was clogged into the gate «creamy» at the 35th minute after the corner. Gonzalu guendesh noted.

Game for «real» did not ask, and on the outcome of the hour zidan made a double replacement, releaseing on the field of claim and gareret baila. However, the castling did not have the expected effect.

At the 73rd minute, chercev came out to replace and strengthened the composition «valencia». After another 10 minutes in the gate «real» turned out to be another ball. This time eseciel garay distinguished.

Karima benzema, unfortunately, for «real» already could not reverse the course of the fight.

In this way, «valencia» continues his victorious procession by setting a new club record – 17 wins in various tournaments in a row, and zizu lost for the first time since the return to the post of head coach «real».

Recall that the manual «real» ready to surpass for summer transfers. Available in the disposal – €500 million.

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