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April 20, 2022
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The most anticipated stage of the grand prix of figure skating started. So far, the truth is unofficial part of it. Athletes spent their first training session and worked a short program. About how the main favorites of the tournament, alina zagitova and alena costo, coped with it– in material.

First training seal and costor in Japan (video)

Zagitova and kosostna – readiness 100%

As we wrote in our special material dedicated to the upcoming grand prix in japan, it is alina zagitova and alain costorna are considered the main contenders on «gold». Only rick kihira can intervene in their struggle. First, the japanese has already presented surprises last year (especially in the grand prix finals), and secondly, it will perform in the native walls in the huge support of local stands.

True, here is not so unequivocal. After all, over the past couple of years, alina zagitova gained enormous popularity in japan. Such that even may well stand on this field with local athletes. But still, the tournaments won not thanks to the fan whales from the stand, not by weighing the soft toys thrown on the ice, but thanks to the perfect performance.

We will see a short program from girls tomorrow, but for now we can only follow the training of favorite figure skaters. Both of them at the moment spent their first training session and did not allow mistakes or drops. Zagitova jumped a complex triple cascade – 3lz-3 lo-3 lo, and alena showed expensive 3a-3t and 3a-2t with double toulup.

Also today it became known, under what number and in what sequence of figure skater will come out tomorrow on the ice. All russian figure skaters got into the second warm-up group. Start a short program of american magan vessenberg, finished – japanese rica kihira. Alain costor will be released on the ice of the nine, after her alina zagitova, and the speech of the russian man in the current european savior savorov will be closed.

List of Participants

Unfortunately, this season sophia cannot seriously qualify for awards, as its program is inferior in complexity of the numbers of most compatriots. But this, of course, does not mean that the ward of the honored coach alexei mishina cannot count support from his compatriots.

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