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January 14, 2022
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New zealand’s betting monopoly presented a new platform with tab rates two years after the announcement of the plans for its creation.

Fixed Coefficients Will Be Available in New Zealand

New zealand jump commission (nzrb) announced «new era for players using the kiwi payment system and tab’s betting operations». So, was launched «modern, innovative and competitive website that allows you to perform tab operations, as well as a mobile application».

The new platform was created by paddy power betfair (ppb) registered in the uk (ppb) with an openbet technology supplier (currently owned by scientific games), which in december 2016 was entrusted to withdraw a fixed coefficient rates platform (tab) to a new level. The previous jetbet tab system during periods of intensive activity could not stand the load.

General director nzrb john allen presented technical partners of his group as «world-class operators», which guaranteed that nz tab will now compete with world industry leaders.

Allen added that the new platform proposed by nzrb is distinguished by the flexibility in the embodiment of rates, which has become possible, taking into account the experience in the new zealand market.

The director-general of the commissioning stated that the new platform offers clients a wider range of possibilities in the stakes sector with fixed coefficients. The platform also introduced new functions: cashout and live broadcasts of sports events. Allen stated that improving customer service «will increase revenues and in turn, will contribute to the popularization of sports».

It is predicted that the new platform will increase the annual income from racing and sports to 19 million new zealand dollars ($ 12.9 million) during the first year of work. And in 2021–2022 financial years profit will reach 30 million new zealand dollars.

The new platform will certainly bring significant income, but it is reported that its creation has already cost the government of 40 million new zealand dollars (as of september 2018).

Recall that the renovation industry in new zealand is preparing for a serios bike a sensational report, in which it is recommeded to close almost half of the statutory monopoly of the industry.

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