Flutter Agreed To Sell Oddschecker For 155 Million Pounds Of Bruin Capital

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May 31, 2022
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Flutter Agreed to Sell Oddschecker for 155 Million Pounds of Bruin Capital

Flutter entertainment plc reported that he agreed to sell his subsidiary of oddschecker global media sports investment fund bruin capital for 155 million pounds.

Releaseing a brief statement, flutter reported that it provided the conditions for obtaining 135 million pounds of sterling cash for oddschecker, while brouro agreed to an additional "delayed continger" up to 20 million pounds sterling.

Sale of oddschecker has long been expected to be sectoral observers, since flutter prefers to focus its business strategy on the growth of its main global gambling brands.

He headed by the former executive director of nascar and president img george paine (ceo and founder), bruin is a private investment group focused on sports, and is actively engaged in acquisitions to create the following generation investment portfolio, destroying sports media, technology and entertainment markets.

Brunette outlined his plans for the "globalization of oddschecker", paying special attention to the us market in which he seeks to repeat the success of oddschecker in the uk and become the dominant and reliable comparison portal for chances in the market.

Oddschecker global media – a dynamically developing company with enormous potential. The team has a deep, factory-based information and experience with thinking and the needs of players at all levels, "said pain in the statement.

"We see opportunities to continue growth, escecilyally in america. Between the development of oddschecker in the united states, where the market is very fragmented, there is a close connection, and experts for finding and attracting customers will enjoy great demand. ".

Supporting your new asset, brouro called oddschecker’s leading consumer portal on the rates market operating on its own platform, which provides detailed reviews and comparisons of coefficients for more than 100 bookmakers.

Brunette also emphasized the reliable reputionation as oddschecker as a brand that has a 21-year-old legacy, providing players with relevant information about bookmakers and serving more than 120 sectoral customers, supporting operations in the uk, usa, italy and spain.

Toby bental, general director of oddschecker global media, welcomed the new possession of the broudy as vital for the next chapter of the company’s global expansion.

"Over the past 21 years, oddschecker global media has become a leading british affiliate platform for sports rates, achieved thanks to the resistant work of our employees and valuable support for sky betting and gaming, and recently and flutter entertainment," said bental.

Looking forward, we have exciting opportunities both in the united states, where liberaly of legislation on online gembling has created a very attractive market for our business. This sale is crystallizes the value of flutter entertainment, which was created in oddschecker global media over the past two decades, and for the first time in almost 15 years, means that oddschecker global media will be fully independent of their partners at the sports rates, which will allow the company to continue their activities. His desire to become the best player in the world of rates.

Source: sbc news

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