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September 1, 2022
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Football Index

Football index joined the international honest rate association (ibia) as an affiliate member.

Platform for online betting bets football index, which allows users to buy and sell shares of football players, is the last operator who joined the world organization, the purpose of which is to protect the integrity of the sports betting and the fight against corruption.

Football index, launched in 2015, joins ibia as an affiliate member, which will allow organizations whose business models differ from ibia bookmaker models, participate in its honesty rates.

Ceo ibia khalid ali said:

The company’s activities may differ from traditional bookmakers, but it is no less committed to maintaining the integrity of its product and sports events based on. Thus, the ethics of honesty football index is consistent with ibia, and its membership is another example of the wide attractiveness of the association and the growing list of companies working with us worldwide.

Source: gambling insider.

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