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August 15, 2022
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Footballer Alexander Zinchenko became Ambassador VBET

Ambassador vbet the other day was alexander zinchenko, midfielder of the english club "manchester city" and the national team of ukraine.

A 25-year-old ukrainian player is one of the most famous club players in the world and the youngest captain in the history of the ukrainian national football team.

He won the cup of england and cup of england three times with manchester city and the title of england champion, and four times – the english football league cup.

He played in the final of the most prestigious football tournament in the world – the champions league of the season 2020/21.

"Alexander zinchenko – one of the brightest football talents of ukraine. He will be able to introduce our brand like no other. We are proud of this cooperation and do our best to make it most fruitful and able to deliver a lot of bright emotions to our fans. ". – says georgy guivishvili, ceo vbet ukraine.

"I am very happy to become ambassador vbet. Together we will develop ukrainian football and cybersport on the field and beyond. I believe that we can succeed and move forward. ". – commented alexander zinchenko.

Source: focus gaming news

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