For The Third Quarter Of 2019, The Revenue Of The Greek Operator Increased

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April 22, 2022
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For the period from july to september 2019, the revenue of the greek gembling operator orar was €393.6 million ($ 433.5 million), which is 6.7% more compared to the same period for 2018.

For the Third Quarter of 2019, The Revenue of The Greek Operator Increased

Orar profit for the thrd quarter, component €393.6 million, was achieved due to rates €1.08 billion, which is 3.4% higher than last year. After contributions to the ggr sum in €188.5 million, as well as other fees and duties net income of orar from gambling amounted to €265.1 million, which demonstrates an increase of 7.1%.

The operator was paid €93.6 million agency commissions and €16.8 million in the form of other commission payments for gambling online games, which is 43.9% higher than in 2018.

Other operating income rose by 9.9%, to €32.2 million, while other operating expenses increased by 4.6% – before €23.1 million. Most of the funds were obtained from prepaid maps and replenish mobile phones and amounted to €24.6 million. Wherein €1.4 million came from it services, and the rest – from other sources.

Orap expenses on salary payment increased by 6.1% year in annual terms – before €19.7 million. Salary accounted for €15.6 million from this amount, social security payments – €2.8 million, payments to cancel voluntary leave, which were in the first half of this year, – €466 thousand., planned payments – €417 thousand.

Marketing expenses increased by 28.7%, to €12.9 million. Sponsorship costs €2.5 million, rising by 44.6%, and csr expenses amounted to €1.5 million, declining by 8.3%. Advertising costs amounted to €8.9 million, an increase of 33.7%.


Other operating expenses decreased by 20% – before €29.6 million. It technology costs €7.3 million, while telecommunication and utility costs reached €3.6 million. For rent was spent €402 thousand., while the rest of the expenses amounted to other sources.

All this led to an increase in profits before paying interest, taxes and depreciation in the amount €101.6 million by 16.5%. After expenses for depreciation of the amount in €28.6 million, which is 17.7% above last year’s indicators, orar remained with profit in the amount €73 million from operating activities, which demonstrates the dynamics of 16.1%.

Oraf financial income increased by 85% – before €642 thousand., and expenses increased by 11.4%, to €7.2 million. Also operator earned yet €one.9 million through companies in which he had a controlling stake, but he did not control the profit before tax deductions in the amount of €68.3 million. The operator paid the tax amount €19.4 million (+ 12.4%), total profits made up €49 million, thereby increasing by 23.Nine%.

In september, the state council of greece, as well as the supreme administrative court of greece did not give a spr-based oru’s license after the austrian goalbet operator stated that oraz never asked to perform the conditions that are necessary in order to obtain a license. Orar stated that its financial results will be limited because online rates are less than 1% of the operator’s income. Also in oraz noted that they pan to ensure the protection of their interests by all legitimate methods.

Recall, in germany, the gambling regulator appealed to the bookmakers and demanded to stop smuggling.

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