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April 22, 2022
3 minutes

Friday, november 29, in moscow on «vtb arena» it will be very strange, but received good media support battle between the famous mma mma alexander emelyanenko and heavily selection mikhail kokleyev. We prepared a forecast for «the most expected battle», as the organizers call him.

Forecast for the Fight Emelyanenko - Cocmeys on November 29
Content: 1. Alexander emelianenko vs. Mikhail koklyaeva: expert predictions2. Kokmeyev – emelyanenko forecast bookmakers3. Forecast koklyaev emelyanenko ratio: 4. Five. Bk «league rates»: 6. Bc favbet:
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alexander emelianenko rf
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Alexander emelianenko vs. Mikhail koklyaeva: expert predictions

Begins as a number of mutual insults on the internet, the conflict between mikhail koklyaev and alexander emelianenko doros to a full-fledged battle according to the rules of boxing and not somewhere, but in the stadium «vtb arena» in moscow. Moreover, everything that happens is authorized by the federation of boxing russia, the battle will broadcast the tv channel «ren-tv», comment nikolai valuev, and before starting to warm up viewers will be the legendary rock band «aria».

Yes, the mediocre of this event at one moment became excavating. But now the sports component of this action is under serious doubt. So, the battle itself will last not 10 and not 12 rounds, as it is typical of large boxing fights, but only 4, each duration will be three minutes.

About the scuffle in the restaurant between the fightsers we wrote in a sparate material.

Famous russian boxer, answering the question of journalists about his attitude to the upcoming action, said that it still does not understand, this is a fight or show. But it would end ahead of schedule, however, in his opinion, it not clear in whose favor. But objectively, alexander emelianenko has much more chance, it is not even an expert.

Kokmeyev – emelianenko forecast of bookmakers

Koklyaev - Emelianenko Forecast of Bookmakers

Experts also believe that mikhail koklyaev’s chances are minimal. The reason is very simple. Alexander emelianenko – fighter with extensive experience. World champion in combat sambo and long-time mma-tournament participant. His distinctive feature has always been a good job in the rack. In addition, an athlete’s shoulders also have experience in participating in a professional match. Judging by the video recipes, alexander is in excellent shape, his bows and strong, it is mobile and dangerous.

In turn, for mikhail koklyaev it will be a debut leaving in the ring. It has a good mass, including muscular, talks about his strong impact and sparring. But he is 40 years old, and he began to bounce for himself only in the last year. And despite the fact that he was preparing for a fight, the necessary reflexes and muscle memory in his her his.

Even if mikhail continues and will not fall into knockout, it will not be able to create a serious opposition for victory on glasses. It is also unknown, like cockmeys with endurance. Moreover, he himself confesed himself in an interview that he had a heart problem, which worked lately. So, doubt the victory of alexander practically does not accounterably under one condition: if this fight is still not just a show or setting.

In a separate material, we tried to figure out whether it is a battle or not.

Forecast koklyaev emelianenko ratio:

Bk «league rates»:

  • Alexander emelianenko – one.23;
  • Mikhail koklyaev – 3.75;
  • Draw – 0.

Bc favbet:

  • Alexander emelianenko – 1,1;
  • Mikhail koklyaev – five.Nine;
  • Draw – 0.

Previously, we we wrote that initially the fight was supposed to go through bare knuckle fc.

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