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April 25, 2022
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December 7 in saudi arabia in ander carta dzoshua – ruiza will fight russian boxer-heavyweight alexander povetkin. His opponent will not know the defeats in havuvete michael hunter. Announcement and forecast for fight – further in the material.

Forecast for The Fight Povetkin - Hunter December 7
Content: 1. Michael hunter povetkin: forecast and form fighters2. Forecast (boxing) povetkin hunter: bookmaker rating3. Bwin coefficients.Ru: 4. Bc coefficients «league rates»:
alexander povetkin
michael hunter

bk "league rates"

Michael hunter povetkin: forecast and form fighters

After the victory over hewie fury, alexander povetkin literally restarted his career. It seemed that after defeat from anthony joshua «russian vityazu» it’s time to go to a well-deserved pension. But the boxing style russian liked eddie harn and british fans, as a result – fight with fury junior and now with hunter.

Michael hunter himself caused povetkin to battle. We wrote more about this in a separate material. It was in september after him «victoria» over another russia – sergey kuzmin. Alexander did not give up and the challenge accepted. American – good boxer and great for meeting with «vityaze». The same height (188 cm), so that sasha do not have to spend the habitual work with the opponent above. However, michael has a greater scope of hands (202 cm against 191 cm).

So, most likely, hunter will try to keep the russian at the distance and povetkin – enter the closest battle and work with it. Michael, as well as alexander, participated in the olympic games, but unlike his future rival, could not conquer the medals. At his way, arthur betherbiev, who is now successfully performing in the fields for pro profi.

About his victory over alexander carnation we wtrote in a separate article.

Hunter began his career in the first heavyweight weight, for a long time was wahout defeat, but stumbled about another representative of the cis, ukrainian alexander stunchik, who then owned wbo belt. After that, the american moved to havwait, where he six fights and mined six confident victories.

Unambiguous forecast for the fight alexander povetkin michael hunter make it difficult. On the side of the american youth, the benefit of russian will play experience. Both are in great shape and must show a good fight. The difference lies only that «vityazu», in fact, there is nothing to lose, and now he goes into the rhing for fun and fee, but the bouty has serious ambitions. He is 31 years old, and in theory he can still jump to the elite, but the defeat from the veteran cross all the hopes.

Forecast (boxing) povetkin hunter: bookmaker rating

Experts do not allocate the absolute favorite in the upcoming duel, but believe that the chances of winning the american athlete more. The main reason is definitely the difference in the age of athletes. But alexander has already managed to surprise many, having passed the entire distance from hughi fury in a very good and active pace. If povetkin shows the same job, then his chances of winning will increase significantly.

Bwin coefficients.Ru:

  • Alexander povetkin – 2.62;
  • Michael hunter – one.Five;
  • Draw – 26.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»:

  • Alexander povetkin – 2.35;
  • Michael hunter – one.55;
  • Draw – 24.

Previously, we wrote that povetkin was still full of strength and ready to new challenges.

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