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April 22, 2022
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December 7 in saudi arabia will be held the most important battle of this year in heavyweight. Any ries and anthony joshua will meet on the boxing ring. Forecast from experts and all important information about the duel – in our material.

Forecast for the game Fight Joshua - Ruis December 7, 2019
Content: 1. Joshua ruiz revan: expert forecast on december 72. Anthony joshua-andy ruiz (revenge): physical readiness forecast3. Forecast for the fight joshua ruiz revenge december 7: the opinion of bookmakers4. Bwin coefficients.Ru: 5. Bc coefficients «league rates»:
anthony joshua
andy ruiza jr

bc "league rates":

Joshua ruiz revan: expert forecast on december 7

The first meeting of athletes in the ring has become a real shock for boxing lovers. And no matter how surprisingly, this shock was pleasant. Everyone loves when the favorites lose dark horses, and even more so, as it happened on june 1. Tolstinsky mexican punished with a cover of the british, did it confidently and no chance for the last.

This was liked by many famous in the past and currently in force boxers and experts. Yes, so that some of them predict the victory of andy and in the response meeting. So, your forecast for the fight joshua ruis 2 dali wilder, bob aruum, kurt pole, hasim rakhman. And each of them predicts the defeat of the british.

Some figures, such as lewis lennox, teddy atlas, laimon brewster, were more ambiguous in statements. In their opinion, the fans await another fight. They note the abilities of anthony joshua and believe that he should use the resulting lesson. But at the same time, each of them recalls the importance of psychology and the configuration, which will depend so much.

Anthony joshua-andy ruiz (revenge): forecast physical readiness

Last meeting andy was a fighter replacement. It was difficult to imagine that the boxer, which is least similar to a serious athlete, will be able to shock so quickly and provide constant pressure on the opponent. To the upcoming duel, mexican promised to reset part of his excess weight to be even faster and mobile.

But if it is not surprising, some experts believe that this decision can negatively affect the. According to poppy tyson, with a fall in total weight ruis can lose in the power of impact. At the same time, according to the ex-champion, the main speed of «destroyer» has already – start speed.

Certain changes over themselves and anthony joshua. He also decided to throw off part of the weight, as well as bent the extra muscular relief, which is good from aesthetic point of view, but not for the fight. In this aspect, he advises not who otherwise, as an ex-opponent, agea, vladimir klitschko, the briton admitted quite recently in the interview.

Forecast for the fight joshua ruiz revenge december 7: the opinion of bookmakers

Forecast for the fight Joshua Ruiz Revenge December 7: the opinion of bookmakers

Unlike the first duel, where the mexican boxer, according to the bookmakers, there were no chance, the forecast of experts on the fight revenge joshua ruis differs significantly. Then the coefficient for the victory of the mexican was evaluated in the region of 13. This time, andy, despite the status of the current champion, still not a favorite, but not with such a gigantic passage.

Both athletes are most motivated to win. In the case of the second defeat, in a row from ruis joshua risks for a long time to leave from the top of the ranking of the division and will not be able to qualify for the title in the near future. For andy, it is, on the contrary, a chance to gain a top of the top, entering the top three along with wilder and fury.

Bwin coefficients.Ru:

  • Anthony joshua – one.4;
  • Andy ruiza jr – 2.88;
  • Draw – 34.

Bc coefficients «league rates»:

  • Anthony joshua – one.45;
  • Andy ruiza jr – 2.65;
  • Draw – thirty.

Earlier, we wrote that during the fight of ruis with joshua there will be no ring gerls.

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