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April 15, 2022
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On thursday, october 31, within the framework of the 1/8 finals of the russian cup of russia «spartacus», won the first match wow coach domenico tedesco, will take fc «rostov».

FORECAST FOR THE MATCH'Spartak' - 'Rostov' October 31
Content: 1. «Spartacus» – «rostov»: form shape on the eve of the match2. «Spartacus» – «rostov»: personal meetings statistics3. Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the game «spartacus» – «rostov» in the 1/8 cup of russia4. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

«Spartacus» – «rostov»: form shape on the eve of the match

Until the last round of the russian federation seemed that «rostov» stone on the stone will not leave the crisis «spartak» in the russian cup, but victory «red-white» above «locomotive» suddenly returned them to the fight. And indeed, before arrival of tedesco, muscovites had depressing statistics out of five defeats in the championship in a row. With a german coach «people’s team» first mined a draw in the game against «rubin», and after cruvhing «loco».

In turn, the wards of carpin also had to edure an unpleasant brace from «zenita» two rounds ago. Defeat 1: 6 painfully struck by pride «rostov», who seriously intends to compete for gold medals in the rfpl. But the match s «sochi» on saturday shold return confidence. Especially since after him the club from the south of russia ranks second in the table.

«Spartacus» – «rostov»: personal meetings statistics

According to statistical sites, in all tournaments, teams held 56 meetings. More often winned victory «red-white». On their account – 33 «victoria», w «rostov» – 12, 11 more games team graduated in a draw. In the russian cup met significantly less – three times. Two victories of u «spartak» (1/8 finals in 1997 and the final in 2003) and one «yellow-blue» (1/8 in 2012).

Results of the last five meetings

Results of the Last Five Meetings

Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the game «spartacus» – «rostov» in 1/8 of the russian cup

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Experts of the bookmaker company «melbet» believe that more chances for winning the owners of the field. According to analysts, the arrival at the coaching bridge tedesko positively influenced the team, which has in its asset of good football players. For such a short time, the german managed to successfully introduce his ideas, raised defensive qualities of defense and revealed the quality of some players on the other hand. So, for example, happened to bakai, who saw a specialist in the center of the field and he paid him three head gears in the game «railway».

In addition, therary fact of changing the coach influenced the team positively creating an extensive effect in the team. During the leadership of the club, oleg kononov appeared their pets in the composition and those whom he trusted more than. With a new manager, everyone needs to prove its utility re-. The last factor that increases chances «spartak» the victory is definitely a home field. Despite depressing results, muscovites continue to support fans.

At the same time, the guests are not complety discounted. The gap in the coefficients is not so great. It is worth remembering that every carpin game against the former club is very fundamental. Title «shot flyer», who gave the owner «spartak» leonid fedun of the current coach «rostov», despite all the allegations of valery georgievich, he was unpleasant, unlike the victory over the command of the offnder. So on thursday it is worth expecting a fierce and competitive struggle.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • «Spartacus» – 2,12;
  • «Rostov» – 3.52;
  • Draw – 3,28.

Earlier, we we wrote that russia lost a place in the uefa rating.

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