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April 15, 2022
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From november 1 to november 3, the us grand prix 2019 will be held in austin (texas) in the world cup «formula 1». We present the announcement of the upcoming turnament with the focast from experts.

Content: 1. The main intrigue of the us grand prix 2019 («formula 1») 2. Us grand prix schedule and broadcast «f-1»3. Forecast bk «melbet» on the race of the us grand prix november 34. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

The main intrigue of the us grand prix 2019 («formula 1»)

Despite the victory on the past grand prix in mexico, the current leader of the individual standings lewis hamilton could not guarantee her early championship. This feature moved to the upcoming race in the united states. I wonder what the same thing hapaned last year. Briton had a good chant to open a victorious champagne in austin, but that another pilot «ferrari» kimi raikkonen did not allow him to do it.

This time riders «scooter» also try to make every effort to remove lewis triumph for the maximum distance, although they untand that there is chances to take away the victory in the end – no. There are only three grand prix ahead, and hamilton’s gap, even from his colleague «mercedes» valtterter bottas is 74 points and from pilot «ferrari» charles of the lecturers and more – 127. True, it will not affect the desire of each pilot try to pull out «victoria», otherwise these athletes have nothing to do in «royal racing».

Us grand prix schedule and broadcast «f-1»

Training in russia will broadcast «match! Arena», and the qualifications and final check in will show «match tv». The difference between moscow and austin is 7 hours, but the time taking is quite comfortable for weewing. However, in the case of which on tv channels, the check-in will be broadcast and in repettion.

Schedule and Broadcast US Grand Prix'F-1'

Weather forecast for grand prix in austin

Unlike mexico and japan, where the weather managed to make their adjustments in and so difficult highways, everything shold pass without surprises. Weather forecasters promise that all three days of the stage will be held without precipitation. The average temperature during races will be approximately 17 degrees celsius, the humidity will not exceed 60%.

Forecast bk «melbet» on the race of the us grand prix november 3

Experts of the bookmaker company «melbet» believe that the upcoming race will get the most competitive. The main candidates for victory, according to analysts, will be lewis hamilton and charles lekler. A little more chances of the britysh, but the gap in the coeficients is meager. The reason why – the form in which the five-time world champion is located and statistics. From the seven grand prix that took place on «track america», lewis won five. More on one victory in raikkonen’s account (2018) and sebastian vettel (2013). The last at that time was still «red bull».

If there are no collisions or problems who has the best chances of winning. Teler, which shows an excellent debut season, should make a worthy competition. You should not write off from accounts and sebastian vettel, who came to the finish line on the past of the grand prix of the second and max ferstappen, who is seriously unlucky in the last races.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • Lewis hamilton («mercedes») – 2.85;
  • Charles lekler («ferrari») – 3.0;
  • Sebastian vettel («ferrari») – 4.24;
  • Max ferstappen («red bull») – five.Five;
  • Valterter bottas («mercedes») – nine.0;
  • Alexander albon («red bull») – fifty.0.

Earlier we wrote about the first victory of vettel this season.

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