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August 4, 2022
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Cup libertadoresis – the main club championship of south america in football, where the 16 strongest teams felt for the pestigious trophy of the continent. Brazilian and argentine grande are allocated among the tournament leaders. Will be the alignment this time – it still unknown, but the forecasts of experts and the coefficients of bookmakers will be prompted to some of the favorites to make interactive rates. Learn the latest bookmaker news today.

Forecasts and Coefficients for the libertadores Cup 2021
Content: 1. Format of the liebertaores cup 20211.One. Cup schedule libertadores 20212. Favorites of the cup libertadores 2021: bookmaker forecasts2.One. Forecasts for favorites libertaores 2021

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Interestingly, for the last year, the cup libertadores took the team not from brazil or argentina as much as in 2016 – then colombian «atletico naconal» in the final was able to confront ecuadorian «indureent del valle».

The format of the cup libertadores 2021

The libertadores cup is held regularly since the 60th year of the last century, and the leader of the competition, except the region on the world cup. Recall that this year the winner of the tournament will participate in the club championship 2021 and the recine of south america 2022.

The libertadores cup is organized on a system resembling european champions league. In the group stage of the oppositions there are 32 teams divided into eight quartets. In groups, teams must be played with each other two matches. A total of six tours of tours are obtained, according to the outcomes of which participants 1/8 of the libertadores cup finals are determined. Get their teams that took 1-2-items in their quarters. Club finished on the 3rd line, is chipped in the south american cup.

In the playoffs, confrontation for a trophy begins with stage 1/8 finals. Each round includes a two-handed collision, which is carried out in the fields of both rivals. The following tournament stage passes the team, who managed to score more goals in the amount of two matches. The main difference between the south american tournament from the european champions league – this is what the final in it consists of two meetings.

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Libertadores cup schedule 2021

The first and response matches of the 1/8 final cup libertaores have already passed. The quarterfinals are planning to spend in mid-august: on august 11, the teams will play first matches, and the 18th – response. Semifinals will be available at the end of september – 22nd and 29th. The final meeting starts on november 20 at 23:00 moscow time in the arena «centenario» in the capital of uruguay, montevideo.

Libertadores Cup schedule 2021

Match schedule 1/4 final cup libertadores 2021:

  • Eleven.08, 03:30 – «são paulo» – «palmayras»
  • Eighteen.08, 03:30 – «palmayras» – «são paulo»
  • 12.08, 01:15 – «olympia asuncion» – «flamengo»
  • 19.08, 01:15 – «flamengo» – «olympia asuncion»
  • 12.08, 03:30 – «river plait» – «atletico mineuro»
  • 19.08, 03:30 – «atletico mineuro» – «river plait»
  • 13.08, 03:30 – «fluminens» – «barcelona guayaquil»
  • Twenty.08, 03:30 – «barcelona guayaquil» – «fluminens»

Favorites of the libertadores cup 2021: predictions of bookmakers

The main favorite bookmakers consider brazilian fc «flamengo». The team is the current two-time champion of brazil and the libertadores cup winner 2019. Strong and playful composition from rio de janeiro in the last couple of seasons won almost all the trophies of south american football. Interestingly, only july 10 «flamengo» concluded a contract with renato gausha, who was a mentor in the past «gremio». Rodgeirio seni was fired for low rates in the season of 2021.

The second line of nominees on victory is occupied by argentinean «river plait», which was the owner of the cops in 2018. Composition of the football team from buenos aires – one of the most expensive in south america, which means that only prestigious and strong football players play in the club.

Third place, according to bookmakers, can take «palmayras», the current libertadores cup champion and the favorite of the brazilian series a 2021 after 11 tours. It is curious that it is in the 11th round «palmayras» it turned out to be stronger «santos», playing 3: 2. Recall that it is «santos» «green» managed to win the cup libertadores 2020.

The fourth, according to the bookmaker’s office, can perform «são paulo». «Tricoloor» three times managed to defeat in the libertadores cup – in 1992, 1993 and 2005. And in 2021 the team won the paulista state championship, but at the beginning of the series a series «tricolor» can’t boast of the same success.

Closes the top 5 candidates for the south american cup «atletico mineuro» – libertaorese cup owner 2013. Before the beginning of this season, the team has replenished with new players: hulk and dodo, zarachano, nacho fernandez, junior alonso, nathan, keno, alan franco, eduardo vargas, garan, everson.

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Forecasts for favorites libertaores 2021

Below to familiarize the bc rates on the favorites of the south american crown:

Forecasts for Favorites Libertaores 2021

National team




«River plait»




«São paulo»


«Atletico mineuro»




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