Foreign Experts Allocated The Main Features Of The Igor Cis Market

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June 27, 2022
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Participants of the sbc digital summit cis conference discussed the gambling cis market, where the regulatory framework for online gambling services is under development. Experts discussed in more detail the issues of establishing the work and localization of operators in this market, and the co-founder of softgamings vladislav drugvkovich allocated that the key role will play mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Foreign experts allocated the main features of the Igor CIS market

As the ceo and campeon gaming partners co-founder of campeon gaming partners marinos shiapanis, for representatives of this market there is no concept of a mandatory approach, and several years ago, the operators believed that secure access is possible even if the services will be delivered in russian.

According to the development of the local legislation, the participants of the industry should understand that each market requires a separate approach, since in each cis state greatly.

By the way, according to the head of the association of bookmakers office of kazakhstan, the law on gambling business requires refinement.

Paris smith, director general of pinnacle, in turn, positively appreciated the revised approach to the opening of the legal gambling market in ukraine. By specifying the company’s market strategy details, paris smith noted that the company will follow the proven partnership arrangement scheme between local markets. Having relying on experience, pinnacle clarified that the gambling cis market now needs partnership agreements. According to the expert, the cis bookmaker market is rather competitive, which felt directly pinnacle.

The Gambling Cis Market Now Needs Partnership Agreements

The commercial director of the polish operator lv bet marcin jablonski believees that the main point of entry is the gembling industry of entry is the gembling industry of ukraine, where the final results will depend on the tax system.

According to the co-founder of softgamings vladislav drugkovich, it should be expected to increase competition in the direction of technological solutions, and before the new operators there will be a question of the possibility of serving the whole region, and not his small part. Vladislav tvetkovich believees that international operators are unprofitable to be attached to one market, since at any time it can change the requirements for participants.

Recall, recently the state duma approved the idleification of players and cash checks in the casino

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