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April 15, 2022
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The draft law on the legalization of gambling business in ukraine is designed in such a way that foreign investors may be out of the market. The oversight noted the expert boris kushniruk.


Regulatory legislation provides for the creation of 800 pps bookmakers. According to the specialist, the limit will be exhausted immediately after the existing items will be legalized. Thus, foreign companies will not even have the opportunity to apply for a license.

Kushnorka emphasizes that, first of all, the number of betting items was initially understated, especially in comparison with the number of existing illegal points. According to the expert, only «favorite» currently owns almost 1000 ppp. A similar number of items and other illegal betting operators.

Kushnijah adds that bk «league rates», like other operators, no longer just looks after the market, but plans to rent suitable premises. The licensing process assumes that the operator must own the ownership or documents on the room. Named above is one of the requirements for obtaining a work permit in the ukrainian field.

The current bookmakers, according to the expert, have not only prepared the packages of documents, but also intensively distributed quotas among themselves, while foreign companies turned out to be «out of the game» and not even got the opportunity to collect documents.

Recall: vladimir zelensky said that when issuing licenses to operators, a differentiated approach can be applied.

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