Former Trainer “Real” Can Again Head “Creamy”, Zidan Will Be Asked To Enter

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April 13, 2022
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Trainer «real» madrid zinined zadan has a serious reason for concern: the club president leads negotiations with another coaching. Who will replace the frenchman and the great savior ziza did not land peres?

Former Trainer'Real' can again head 'creamy', Zidan will be asked to enter
Content: 1. Trainer «real» now – zidan. But for a long time? 2. Mourinho – new coach «real»?

Trainer «real» now – zidan. But for a long time?

At this moment «royal club» it takes the second line in the la league rating, lagging behind the principal rivals, «barcelona», on one point. Recently, a lot of ambiguous situations are connected with the capital club, which indicate the absence of coherence in working between three links – players, coaching staff and club management.

One of the indicative situations was the failed transfer of gareth baila, whom, despite the desire to stay, tried to put out the door. We wrote more about this story in our separate article.

3 points! Congrats on your first @realmadrid goal @ hazardeden10 ????????⚪️ pic.Twitter.Com / 9rim43zodc

— gareth bale (@ garethbale11)
october 5, 2019

But more acutely there is a breakdown in the relationship between peres, president of the club, and zidan, the team mentor. About problems it became clear even afsides of authoritative sources about the french desire to sign the fields of waste. The fact is that zizu very much wanted to move the compatriot to his team, despite the amount that i was requested by the mj.

However, florentino pan personally «blocked» this idea, because of what in the summer of 2019 the transfer did not take place. Description, in the national teams of the zesza met description – what we also told in the hotel. This moment could also cause the deterioration of relationships between two key people in the club.

After all, zineny returned to «royal club» subject to complete transfer freedom, which he never received. In turn, florentino is dissatisfied with the results of the team in the example and champions league. For this reason, according to the spanish media, the president «creamy» preparing to terminate the contract with the frenchman and invite jose mourinho .

Mourinho – new coach «real»?

Mourinho - A NEW COACH'Real'?

Jose mourinho has been sitting without work, periodically visiting matches of a variety of leagues. From 2010 and 2013 «special» he headed madridsky «real», with whom we won the championship, cup and the country’s supercubet during this period.

???????? #zidane: "la última parte de la primera parte no fue mal. Pero luego en la segunda, no hemos creado muchas ocasiones de gol claras y al final es complicado." #rmliga pic.Twitter.Com / ylewugoeeci

— real madrid c.F.⚽ (@realmadrid)
october 19, 2019

El end chiringuito reports that florentino peres initiated negotiations with jose mourinho, because again wants to see him as a mentor of the team.

At the same time, zidane, who daily receives a lot of questions from journalists about this insider, said he did not care what was written in the press about mourinho. The frenchman believes that in the club of this level, one defeat can play a key role in changing the coach, but he tries to bring the team to trophies.

Earlier we wrote about a draw «real» in the european cup match against «brugge».

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