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January 6, 2022
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Whether griffiths striker «selka» and the scottish national team suspended sports due to problems with gambling.

Forward'Celtica' fights ludomania

According to the head coach of brandan rogers, griffiths requires help. He explained that in connection with the emergence of gambling addiction, the football career became him in.

In addition, according to rogers, the 28-year-old striker went to the field many times and showed successful results, despite his psychological disease. It became known that an athlete suffers ludomania for sevel months.

According to reports published in british publications, griffiths sent for treatment with a specialized clinic.

To date, the problem of gambling addiction is enough in the uk. The report published by the united kingdom’s gambling commission shows that minor citizens aged 11 to 16 years are more likely to go beaming thant smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

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