Four Evgenia Medvedeva: Oman Spoke About Working With Figure Skate

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April 20, 2022
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The famous coach brian orser, among whose wards, yudzuru khan and evgeny medvedev, shared his plans for the near future, revealed the secret of the success of his japanese champion and told when the fans would see the quadruple from the russians.

FOUR EVGENIA MEDVEDEVA: Oman Spoke About Working with Figure Skate
Content: 1. Orcher about compettion without jumping category ultra-s2. When fans will see a quadruple from medvedeva

Orcher about compettion without jumping category ultra-si

Brian orser remained satisfied with the performance of his ward. Even before competition, the coach confessed that, in his opinion, medvedev is in its best shape. Partly, the athlete itself agreed and the athlete itself, however, clarified that this is the best version with which canadz had to work. Specialist does not deny and confident that she is forces to add more.

In an interview with rt, after grand prix, oman also notic skating, despite the conviction of the majority, it is quite possible to compete without jumping category ultra-c. According to him, yevgeny medvedev proves to be his riding. True, four jumps they still teach.

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When fans will see a quadruple from medvedeva


In the summer of zhenya admitted that he was working on the first in his quarry the fourth jump. They will will to become salkhov. Before the start of the season «first channel» even broadcast video where the figure skater performed him in training, however, with a fishing rod. Brian confirmed the intention of his ward to learn this jump.

According to him, the did not force events because of the grand prix, but since zhenya will not fall into the final, they will focus on the study of this element. Oerer believes that salkhov – this is the best jump eugene, she moves in excellent shape, engaged in one rink with the guys who perform it, and carefully browsing the video. So, perhaps, the russian woman will be able to present a new element for himself in the upcoming tournaments, the first of which will be the championship of russia.

Brian also commented on the reasoning of natalia bestemyanova on the psychological difficulties of medvedev, which could arise due to the pregem of a more complex program. In his opinion, it’s not a psychology, but in a sober assessment of what is happeninging. But he sees positive in this. Canadian recalled in an interview as yudzuru hanu at one time seriously inferior to patrick chan. But realizing what weakness of the japanese, the coachness of the japanese, the coach together with the figure skater concentrated on it and eliminated. Orcher believees that the necessary points, simply not always these paths are fast, the take time.

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