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February 18, 2022
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Frank Sinatra

Gambling legalized in nevada in 1931. It ensurd the inflow of investments, but mostly money came from gangstsers – former bootleggers were looking for a legal way to make money. The city in the midst of the desert began to develop rapidly, however, turned into a crime concretector. To settle the reputation of las vegas, mafiosi attracted celebrities. The center of gambling in a short time turned into a glamorous corner – frank sinatra.

Namefreck sinatra
date of birth december 12, 1915
place of birth hoboken, new jersey, usa
date of death may 14, 1998
a place of death los angeles, california, united states

The greatest musical artist 20th century

Frank sinatra does not need an excess presentation. His songs sound not only in american cities – hit jingle bells still often listen to new year holidays. Among other famous songs are listed:

  • New york, new york.
  • Let it snow.
  • My way.
  • Strangers in the night.
  • Got you under my skin and others.

For a charming voice, a sincere smile and attractive appearance, not only the artist was hidden. Sinatra often acted in a casino, and after the end of the concert, he could be seen at the table with cards in his hands.


In 1941, sinaratra for the first time took part in the popularization of the "city of sin". The american star debuted on the big screen in the tape "night las vegas". High thin man briefly appeared together with tommy dorsey group – together the performed the song i’ll never smile again.

Scene shooting passed on highway 91. Thene was only one casino – now the main street is called las vegas strip. In ten years, sinatru invites you to speak in desert inn as the main star.

Communication with mafia

Frank sinatra in life confessed that he would have become gangster if he had an interest in music. These words are confirmed by close relass with many mafia. At different time, they helped the artist in his career. According to rumors, it wills willie maretti puther hand to break the contract with tommy dorsey.

In 1946, the artist was seen at the mafia conference in havana. There he met lucky luciano. Later, the american press is selected by a singer in close relass with sam dzhankana. In the circle of friends, sinarats often bragled with baghi sigel, telling about his criminal exploits. Because of this, the star was under the sight of the surveillance occupied 2403 pages.

Epoch hedonism

In the early 1950s, frank experienceed no better times. He had a small stagnation in his career. For some concerts failed to collect and half the hall. However, las vegas did not turn away from the promising artist. In 1953, frank first performed at the sands casino, which was ruled by meer lansky. Subsequently, the star received a small proportion and various benefits. He was given huge loans for rates, but the artist was not always calculated with debts.

The bet on the synatron was justified. In 1953, after the release of the film "from now on and in the eyelids, the artist turned into a workaholic. Many of his songs began to fall into the lists of the best and the fans were ready to overcome sevel hundred miles for the kumir concert.

By 1954, the number of tourists in las vegas reached about 8 million. They bought almost all tickets to frank sinatra performances, marlene dietrich, ronald reagan and other artists.

Stars created the atmosphere of the holiday. The effect intensified wit bright lights, pretty girls and cocktails. Guests could enjoy the carefree evenings, not focusing on their losses in the casino. Sands frank appeared 3 times a year, often lingering at the table for sevel weeks. He kept winnings, but ignored failures. Attention to his person crossed all losses of the casino.

11 osushen friends

In the 1950s, frank becomes the leader of the informal group "rat steen". Din martin ented it, joey bishop, peter lowford and sammy davis. The last participant was blacks, which caused some difficulties during the segregation period. Las vegas of those times did not differ tolerance, so in hotels and restaurants were not glad to african americans.

The group in full – sinatra in the center

Frank turned out to be a real leader of his gang and did not give up friends. He refused dinners in banquet halls during hotels in favor of golden steak house. Here he was free to sit with davis how much soul.

Sinatra regularly opposed segregation. As the popularity increases, he appeared additional pressure levers on the control casino. Over time, davis was allowed to stay in sands after speaking. In march 1960, in many respects, thanks to the efforts of the sinatra, desegregation was held in las vegas – the city became more friendly for dark-skinned tourists.

"They were kings of the universe. Their secret was that they not only possessed a huge talent, but also were real friends. They had magnificent closeness with each other, "steve winn about the" rat stete ".

In 1960, the film "11 friends of oshen" came out on the screens. The main role went to frank sinatra. All members of the "rat flock" took part in the filming. The plot unfolded around world war ii veterans who intend to rob 5 casinos. The film received mixed feedback from critics, but it did not prevent the "rat flock" to consolidate in the status of las vegas stars.

Managing casino

For the first time, frank visited cal neva in 1951. The first visit ended not in the best way – information about the overdose of the sleeping bag appeared in the media. But frank continued to visit the resort.

In 1960, sinatra acquired a stake in cal neva. At first he bought 25%, but in a year he convinced the test package. Then there were rumors about financing by the mafia. Sinatra could be only shirma for sam dzhankana – the present owner of the resort.

Marilyn monroe with frank at cal neva in 1959

Despite communications with the mafia, the casino has become the most popular and popular destination in the united states from 1960 to 1963. The owners of the resort conducted a reconstruction, built a helicopter platform and the theater "celebrity hall". Casino began working all year round, and not only in the summer. In cal neva, at different times they managed to visit:

  • Marilyn monroe.
  • Joe di majio.
  • Juliet prause.
  • Janet lie.
  • Tony kertis.
  • Judi garland and others.

Sinatra was a wayward. He was not afraid to openly express dislike for individual people. If someone is annoyed, he easily asked whether to leave cal neva – no longer admitted to the casino.

A network of tunnels was located on the territory of the resort. They were built back in the 1920s for alcohol smuggling. Sinatra restored underground casino approaches to gangsters can come unnoticed. The main patron of frank sam dzhankana got into the black las vegas book. Gambling establishments are forbidden to take people from this list.

Sinarata ignored the rules. Thanks to the tunnels, mafios regularly fell into the closed rooms of cal neva. The rooms of his hotel have always went to the lake tahoe. I didn’t like small shareholders, and thied to sell their shares. In the end, the commission on gambling – the regulator recalled the sinatry license.

"Whater big star was mr. Sinatra, there was something intimate and personal in how he communicated with the audience. This proximity was not considered part of those big spectacles that you see in las vegas now. Those shows are beautiful and full of talents, but it is quite another entertainment. If 1200 people were present in the hall to see frank sinatra in caesars palace, everyone thought he was talking to personally with each. This is the type of communication that he was able to establish, "so vincent falcone described the concert of sinatra.

Cult personality

Not everyone admired the works of frank. In the mid-1960s, sands bought howard hughes. The new owner changed the course of development – now the casino focused more on whole families, so the hemedonism propaganda decided to refuse. In frank’s services began to need less frequently, and later cut the allowable loan for rates to $ 3,000 per night.

Sinatra did not believe in limitations. When his girlfriend lost $ 20,000, he bought chips for $ 50,000 for wartsy. After the failure, he returned to the cashier, but he was denied a loan. Frightened star briefly left casino. In a couple of minuts, frank drove into the local cafe window on golf cart. While howard hughes owned sands, he refused to perform there, preferred caesars palace.

By 1970, the synatra turned into an icon of pop culture. With age, it became more rude and less plastic, but the public was still – the talent not go anywhere. Las vegas became the house for the artist, although he periodically played in atlantic city. Most often, steve winn addresed his services.

In 1982, frank sinarta concluded a three-year contract with golden nugget for $ 16 million.


The last concert of sinatra in las vegas was held on may 29, 1994 in mgm grand. Three years later, he was included in the hall of fame.

In 1976, the university of nevada assigned frank the title of honorary doctor for his contribution to charity.

Under the end of life, the artist surved two heart attacks. He died on may 14, 1998. On the night after the death of sinatra on las vegas-strip, the lanterns went out – "city of sins" forever said goodbye to the famous hedonist.

His contribution to the development of las vegas continues to influence:

  • In 2008, a restaurant in honor of sinatra appeared in wynn las vegas. In the institution you can find your favorite artist dishes and his personal belongings.
  • In las vegas in his honor, called one of the streets.
  • During the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of frank, sinatra 100 all-star grammy concert concert was held.

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