Fryy Vs Wilder: Revenge Under The Threat Of A Breakdown

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January 31, 2022
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Despite the fact that the revenge between tyson fury and deontei wilder has already received a date and place, apparently, he will not take place at all. We try to figure it out in all «behind» and «against» welcome fighting.

Fryy VS Wilder: Revenge Under The Threat Of A Breakdown
Content: 1. Prehistory revenge fury – wilder2. Revenge fury – wilder will not be3. What are the chances that revenge will take place

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Prehistory revenge fury – wilder

The fight between invincible heavyweight boxers tyson fury and deontem wilder became a real event in the world of boxing. Few people expected such a junction of the judges), and the final 12th round was ringnized by many experts (such as the ring magazine, showtime tv channel and t. D.) round year. Naturally, a draw did not suit any of the rivals, although let the american athlete retain the title wbc. Soon, each of the participants in the process announced the readiness of the immediate revenge.

Indition, the ring magazine called fury fight against wilder by returning the year. About oter main awards 2018 in boxing here.

But in the world of great professional sports instantly and simply nothing is done, the boxers should have been approved for revenge from the world boxing council. In the bureaucrats, the athletes on a little bit heated the interest of their fans by appeal to each other in social networks and on tv channels.

"Wilder, let’s get the fight made. Don’t **** yourself now mate!" ????

We’re nine days into 2019 and @tyson_fury is already pushing for that rematch ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / mzroruneyf

— boxing on bt sport ???? (@btsportboxing)
january 9, 2019.

After a series of insides from large boxing portals, it became known that the fight will pass either on may 18 in new york. A special desire to make it same numbers as the expected match of anthony joshua, who, according to fury and wilder, was a systematic meeting with them. Soon the wbc officially approved revenge, conducted auction, and the boxers have activated their skills in trištoking.

"Deontay wilder… Great guy, top fella, good fighting man."

"But to me he’s still just a big, useless dosser!"@tyson_fury is too much ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / 22depu946y

— boxing on bt sport ???? (@btsportboxing)
february 18, 2019.

The fight was to pass on a happy for the deontea arena – «barclays center», brooklyn, may 18.

Revenge fury – wilder will not

Despite the fact that every fan of boxing noted on may 18 as a special day in the calendar, everything changed dramatically after signing «gypsy king» contract with the famous promoter company top rank. The amount of the transaction was $ 80 million. Now let’s remember what we wrote about at the beginning of the material – «in the world of big professional sports instantly and just nothing». So came out now.

Signing a contract with bob aruma means that fury fights will now show espn tv channel, which conflicts with the agreement of deontea wilder, who has a broadcast agreement with showtime. In addition, the recent interview with tyson declared that he wants to hold another battle before revenge. In this case, it makes it impossible to meet wilder on may 18 and ruffles arrangement.

The british edition of daily mail cites the words wbc president mauricio suleiman, who described what is happening as following:

«Such a feeling that someone released all air balloon air. This revenge was very exciting, and we lost a few months in his expection».

Against the background of these news between fury and wilder, it began to find out the relationship, as it is now fashionale in twiter. At first, irishman wrote that «he is ready to fight with anyone and does not want the boxing policy to use as an excuse, not to challenge him». This american accused fury in intender evasion from the fight with him. According to «bronze bomber», tyson and did not intend to take part in revenge because of fear of him, therefore, i requested the opportinity to conduct an intermediate battle.


What the irishman replied that he was ready to give him a second chance only after he became more known. This phrase gipsy king clearly refers to his social experiment, which he sport before the fight in los angeles. The boxer walked along the streets of the city and asked passersby, whether the know who wilder. You can read more about this in other material.

Gipsy King

What are the chances that revenge will take place

Suddenly, almost instantly negotiations on revenge went to a dead end. Now only two possible outputs from: current situation are seen:

  • Option number 1. At tyson fury pressed
    world boxing council

At least, the wbc president mauricio suleiman said about this development of events. According to him, wilder plans to seek forced battle through the mandate of the organization.

  • Option 2. Wilder will sign an agreement with top rank.

According to the information that espn channel voiced the other day, the american received an offer from top rank. According to the adviser wilder shelly finkel, they will consider this proposal. In the case of signing the conflict between showtime and espn will be achieved earlier.

To the whole of boxing lovers remains easy to make the development of events and hope that the parties will come to an agreement and we will continue to keep you up to date with the main news events.

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