Fury And Wilder Began To Prepare The World To Their Revenge: Joshua Is No Longer Needed

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March 25, 2022
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Fury of fryy vs wilder december 1, 2018 became a real event in the world of sports. Now all fans are waiting for revenge, and boxers and part-time main showmen in professional boxing is warm up to the public now.

Fury and Wilder Began to Prepare The World To Their Revenge: Joshua IS No Longer Needed

Modern boxing – this is a big business. Sports interest still remains a very important component, titles continue to be a serious motivation, but we will be honest: the ball right the tv channels and promoters. You can be a superport, but if you are not intereted in the public, it will be very difficult for you to get into the elite. Deonta wilder and tyson fury understand how this market works, and they are – main players in their division – heavyweight weight.

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Someone may argue by adding joshua to this list, but after his defeat from ruis anthony lost the status «unbeatable» and in case of even a successful revenge will not be so interesting for a while. Until that time, fury and wilder will understand with their rivals in 2019, and already in early 2020 (approximately) in february will come together in the ring against each other.

And both athletes have already begun to warm up fans on their upcoming fight. All pretty standard – talk about your own coolness and contraction of the opponent. But at the same time it turns out the are still bright. Remember the pseudo-pumping before the december meeting? Everyone perfectly understood that it was lying, but it lookied still powerful.

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Now wilder publicly cricicized furi’s choice for the next battle. According to the words of the irish town he came to the united states to save boxing, and compared tyson’s rivals with graveters who work in a night shift. Also deonttey recalled the gypsy king fraud with numbers about sold tickets to battle with schwarz.

Gipsy king did not keep quiet, but respondd to these attacks in the usor humorous vein. On his page, he posted a photo on which fury himself depicts a kiss. Post accompanied by a signature: «this is a strong kiss for wilder, known as a big envious homelness».

With all the seeming hatred of each other and soles, both boxers after their whole fight confesed in respect to each other. Everyone is perfectly understood that here is no real conflict, but, as you know, «show must go on».

Fury will spend his nearest fight on september 14 in las vegas against otto wallina, a little-known undefeted boxer from sweden. Wilder is yours – october 16 against luis ortis in los angeles. It expected that revenge to each other will take place infruary 2020, the contract for this fight, according to media report, has already been siged.

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