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January 30, 2023
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On his page in instagram tyson fury once again showed respect to his opponent by deontei wilder and called him his «best dance partner».

Fury Called His Best Dance Partner

Photo source: narodna-pravda.Ua

On saturday, the most expected boxing of this year in heavyweight. In los angeles, tyson fury tied to take the wbc champion title from american deontea wilder. All 12 rounds launched the battle and since the judges did not come to a common opinion, ultimately it was decided that there was a draw between athletes. At the same time, tyson fury during the battle turned out twice in the knockdown.

Despite the bright wocufflinking in which each of the boxers spoke sharply against his opponent, twice the fighters almost fortunate at a press conference, after the battle both athlete showed respect for each other. Each of them noted the greatness of the opponent and the quality of the battle as a a whole, there was no trace from the past hate.

On its official page in instagram tyson fury laid out a separate post, in which he expressed respect for wilder as a fighter, which boxes not for the sake of glory: «great emanuel steward (american coach and commentator hbo, included in the international boxing hall – approximate. Author) six years ago said that we will be the best in our time. How he was right. Respect for wilder, who came of glory and victories, and in order to make the life of his daughter better. What beautiful “dance partner”».

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The late great emmanuel steward called it 6 years ago, we would be the best of our era, how right he was. Respect to @bronzebomber wh come into this sport not for fame or glory, but to help better the life of hes daughter, i can only respect that. What a great dance partner. ????????️️

Publication from tyson fury (@ gypsyking101) 4 dec 2018 at 8:07 pst

Dances succeeded in fame:

Thank you paulie malignaggi . Someone has the guts to tell the truth ! Pic.Twitter.Com / wtdobq4pbd

— eddie brown (@bbronx)
december 2, 2018.

A draw allowed wilder to save wbc champion belt and extend the win-win series. Athletes made a desire to spend a duel-revenge, thereby the possible fight of deontea against the owner of ibf, wba and wbo anthony joshua is transferred indefinitely. Initially, in case of victory, they could come together in april 2019 at the stadium «wemble», which representatives of the british boxer have already rented for the fight.

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