Fury Was Created For Wrestling: Cannon Knockout In Saudi Arabia

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April 15, 2022
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British boxer tyson fury in the evening debuted in the most prestigious wrestling federation in the world, wwe. For the stage of gipsy king received 15 million, but his money in terms of show worked for all 100%. Read more about the debut of the incongover of heavyweight in our material.

Fury was created for wrestling: cannon knockout in Saudi Arabia

Boxer tyson fury – real showman and baby wrestler

Besides that «gypsy king» a bright and distinctive boxer, which during his speech on a professional ring has not yet suffered a single defeat, he is also an excellent showman. With the ability to make a performance before and during the battle, tyson would fit perfectly in mma or in wrestling. In the latter, he made his debut yesterday, and his first seriously reflects in his interview.

On the preparation of tyson to his debut in the wrestling, we wrote in a separate material.

Fight within wwe, one of the most popular organizations in the world of wrestling, passed in saudi arabia. For participation, fury received $ 15 million and approached his battle with full responsibility. It’s no secret that «rage» loves to flirt with the local public, at different times it could be seen going to ringgua in a mexican costume wrapped in the usa flag. In the same time, the briton came out in the traditional oriental dress under exploding fireworks than instantly relocated to the public in delight.

This tyson fury entrance ????#wwecrownjewel

(via @wwe) pic.Twitter.Com / 3phrxtnvb8

— b / r wrestling (@brwrestling)
october 31, 2019

It’s no secret that wrestling – these are staged battles with a pre-prescribed scenario, and his main charm is a show that creates fighters in the ring. Athletes for years to educate various acrobatic techniques, learn to bring strikes that look spectacularly, but at the same time they apply the minimum damage to the partner. Fury had little time to fully master this craft, but somewhat spectacular «pa» it happened.

He’s been doing his homework.#wwecrownjewel @tyson_fury pic.Twitter.Com / rbnj7fuu0p

— wwe (@wwe)
october 31, 2019

Of course, as a result, he defeated his opponent, bronen strozena. And, naturally, it was a knockout blow, not the most, though realistic, but still spectacular.

Tyson fury knocks braun strowman out the ring and wins his wwe debut match via count out ????#wwecrownjewel pic.Twitter.Com / 3umn58j3rd

— b / r wrestling (@brwrestling)
october 31, 2019

Now tyson, earning good money and expanding its audience even more, can fully immerse themselves in preparation for the february meeting against deontei wilder.

But before that, the americans need to defeat luis ortis. On the importance of this fight and chances of athletes for success – in our special article.

Previously, we wrote that wilder considers andy ruiz more worthy of victory than anthony joshua.

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