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May 5, 2022
2 minutes

From july 1 to december 31, among gagarin partners partners, a share with real prizes totaling $ 250,000 is held. In the competition, the mercedes amg gt4-door coupe car is played out, urban hybrid bike e-bike bmw, quadcopter dji mavic 2 enterprise dual, apple macbook pro 13 laptop, retina, apple ipad air tablet and many other gifts.

There are 30 prizes in the turnament. Winners are determined by the amount of rates in the casino, poker and betting of all customers listed on the playgrounds by the poker and joker from july 1 to december 31, 2021. Lottery ticket is issued to a partner for each:

  • 10,000 usd rates in the casino.
  • 5,000 usd betting betting.
  • 10,000 usd betting in poker.

As part of the promotion, the user can get an unlimited number of lottery tickets. The more turnover of the funds of attracted players, the higher the probability of victory. At the top 30 partners, the promotion will pass the final draw of the following prizes:

onecar mercedes amg gt4-door coupe
2-3city hybrid bike e-bike bmw
4-5quadcopter dji mavic 2 enterprise dual
6-7apple macbook pro 13 laptop "retina
8-10apple ipad air tablet
elevenelectrosocat dualtron x
12-13electric bicycle enduro styer
14-15portable hi-fi player fio m15
16-18playstation 5 game console
19-20apple iphone pro 13 smartphone
21electrosocat mercane mx60
22bike land rover
23-24srs-ra5000 acoustic system
25-26samsung vacuum cleaner robot
27-30apple airpods max headphones

The participants of the action automatically become all gagarin partners partners, which led players at the specified time on the poker and casino joker. Position in the table of leaders depends on the number of lottery tickets received during the event. The final draw will be held in february 2022 at the gagarin party.

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