Gambling-Advertising Can Be Significantly Limited To Georgia

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March 10, 2022
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In the georgian parliament, initiate a limitation of advertising of gambling. With a proposal of innovations, irakli beraha, rati ionatashvili and goga gulordava.

Gambling-Advertising CAN BE Significantly Limited to Georgia

According to the draft law, the gembling-advertising of gambling, rates on sporting events or totalizer will be significantly limited.

Restrictive measures will not be applied to terrestrial points of receiving sports betting, subject to sponsorship to sports organizations.

Thus, betting operators sponsoring sports leagues and organizations will be able to place outdoor advertising at least 100 meters from educational and religious institutions.

Gambling advertising can also be posted on online platforms providing services related to amarts games. At the same time, the draft law specifies the size of the banner. It im import that only an operator advertising can be located on the resource, which provides services on this site. Accommodation more than one marketing material is unacceptable.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements, legislators have provided appriate amendments to the code of administrative offenses. Penalty for violation of the rules for advertising gembling services will be 10 thousand. Lari and for repeated – 20 thouusand. Lari.

Previously, the prohibition of gembling advertising was already initiated by levan gogicheishvili, but the idea did not discharge the support of parliamentarians.

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