Gambling Association Outlined Its Wishes About Overshooting In Germany

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April 14, 2022
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Deutsche automatenwirtschaft (daw) – an organization that combines large slot operators, – put forward a list of requirements that should be taken into account when discussing the country’s gembling regulation.

Gambling Association Outlined Its Wishes ABOUT OVERSHOOTING IN GERMANY

Dawa explained that the existing rules are based on quantitative, and not in high-quality categories. This, according to the republic of the strike of the goals of the state gambling treaty treaty. In particular, those whe are focused on regulating the work of the legal segment of the gambling market.

In the organization the game based on the draw should remain within the competence of the state monopoly.

Daw executive director georg plucker noted that discussion and further amendments to the state treaty – excellent opportunity to avoid encouraging the operation of the illegal segment of gambling business. In addition, in his opinion, only the sequence in the season of various types of gambling-services associated with slot machines will ensure the proper level of service and protect consumers’ rights.

The expert also warned that the legalization of online gambling shold be accompanied by the revision of the rules for the ground slot segment. In his opinion, access to gaming machines on the internet shold be limited, by analogy with the geography of placement of ground objects – halls of gaming machines. This ensures balance in the market.


The organization has put forward fiver key aspects that must be taken into account when revising the legislation:

  • Standards of responsible gambling must be united for all representatives of the industry.
  • It is necessary to enter a biometric system that will optimize the program of self-slipping players.
  • Introduce certification of gaming charts. This will allocate legal participants in the market against the background of illegal elements.
  • The staff engaged in the provision of slot machines must be slot machines must be sufficiently qualified. To do this, you must enter a special training program and an exam test.
  • The external design of the halls of gaming machines, according to daw, must also be standardized.

Recall that in germany, due to the tightening of the legislative rules, the number of gambling institutions is reduced.

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