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April 14, 2022
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Known the size of the amount of the amount as taxes from gambling business in primorsky krai. The draft budget states that at 2020 revenues are expected in the amount of 133 million rubles.

Gambling business brings incomes to Primorsky Kra

Such data were provided by the ufns administration of the russian federation in the primorsky territory. Also, according to the report on the website of the primorsky krai administration, on september 1, payments were executed in the amount of 88,771,205.7 rubles, whereas for the entire year as a tax on the gambling business laid 108,330,000 rubles.

To date, large ilcs are operating in primorsky kra «primorye», created in 2009 on a separate decree of the president of the russian federation. The total area of ​​the resort is 619 hectares. Many investors, including foreign, build casinos, hotels and other objects of non-chamber. Today, the entertainment complex tigre de cristal has been successfully operating here, whose net profit for 2018 amounted to more than $ 6 million.

The main investors are speaking «gi1 intersection», «diamond fordu holdings», «primorsky enterrettenment resorts city». In addition to gambling establishments, companies are aimed at the construction of other facilities related to infrastructure and attractive tourists. Gambling operator «fenugreek» received a plot for the following objects on it:

  • Spa;
  • Casino;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hotel;
  • Scenic place;
  • Night club;
  • Grand buffet;
  • Bar zone.

The gambling operator 'Shambala' received a plot to build on it the following objects:

Also, the company from south korea k international inc in the summer in 2018 declared plans for the construction of an entertainment complex, which will include shopping sites, a gambling club, a scene and a recreation area.

Another south korean company dongam industry co., ltd concluded a contract confirming her plans for the creation of a golf club on the territory of the gambling zone. Total, according to today information, in «primorye» about 12 complexes will be built, which will also include a yacht club, ski descent and recreational territories.

Japanese company simple create co., ltd announced his partnership with «diamond fordu holdings». The second at this stage is engaged in the construction of the imperial complex.

By 2020, it is planned to open three complexes: naga vladivostok, «fenugreek» and imperial.

Recall, maxim smolensev, owner «fenugreek», received permission to build in «primorye».

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