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April 28, 2022
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Gambling market operators from different countries gave their forecasts for the year, which began. What, in their opinion, will be the industry in 2020?

Gambling Business: forecasts for 2020

At least forecasts in the gembling industry – occupation for brands, trends that were laid last year give grounds to the participants of this market confidently talk about the future.

In particular, according to melissa blau, the director igaming capital, the strengthening of tax and administrative pressure on existing and new regulated markets in europe will contribute to an increase in the number of european operators who consider the united states as a place to diversify their activities. She also predicts another major merger of individual companies, which, in turn, will affect the work of the entire industry.

Mor weizer, director general of playtech, highlights two key points in the us gambling market:

  1. Gambling business will quickly become highly competitive, so the operators are already starting to segment their activities and focus on a certain direction.
  2. American customers require a more thorough product from betting operators.

In this regard, the expert is confident that, in particular, in the rates of sports, the quality will have global importance: to withstand high competition, the operators will begin to adapt and adapt under the american consumer, proven and high-quality technologies that are already applied, for example, in latin america and europe.

Focus on betting weizer does because he thinks – this segment will give operators more opportunities in 2020, even without taking into account the considerable amounts of the online game industry, which in 2019 reached $ 470 million.

Online betting

Compete operators in the usa and europe will be mainly in the field of secure «gambling» solutions for players aimed at protecting the latter. Here companies are resorted to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

According to andrew dagonalla (anfrew dagnall), general director of bettorlogic, the main trend in 2020 will be the development of simplified versions of sports rates. This option of betting will allow only more to segmented the audience and more efficiently promote the corresponding gambling products.

Peter nolte, ceo of patagonia entertainment, draws attention to brazil and information from secap – new regulator in the segment of bets on the results of sports competitions, – which confirms that in the first quarter of 2020 will published a new ruggage for betting. In addition, over the current year, brazil has intent to solve certain issues related to the taxation of betting operators.

Jesper krebrink (jesper kärrbrink), head of green jade games, predicts an increase in part «gray» gambling in india, increasing taxes on gambling and revising marketing strategies on the part of operators, since it will be forced increasing competition and the need to attract new consumers.

In turn, keith mcdonnell (keith mcdonnell), ceo kmi gaming, predicts an explosive effect for mobile (online) rates and games.

«Consumers expect new, best and rapid options at rates that provide access to real-time data», – experts expert.

Also, in his opinion, for the next 12-24 months, at least 125,000 will appear in the sports rates market in the usa – 150,000 jobs.

Recall, in michigan, the governor was signed by law, according to which the states are legalized in the state.

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