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August 8, 2022
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During the corollary, law enforcement officers revealed concealment of profit in particularly large sizes, which was carried out by a gambling company operating from bryansk. At the moment, intruders are outside the jurisdiction of russian services. The latest news and reviews of the bookmakers – we have on the site!

Gambling business in Bryansk hid billions

The infamous bc 1xbet, which turned its activities in 2019 and was found illegal, at least twice deceived russian legislation on their income. In the same 2019, investigative services began the case under art. 174 of the criminal code of russia when attempting the organizers of the bookmaker to cash out 631 million rubles of illegal income, giving operations a legitimate species. Criminals worked directly from bryansk.

Butt, as it turned out, this amount is incurred with how much during the time of activity, the founder roman semiokhin and his accomplice sergey kradov earned on gambling activities. According to the investigators, this amount reaches 63 billion rubles, so writes «russian newspaper».

At the moment, five crime accomplices are hidden from russian law enforcement officers in cyprus, and for crimes before investigation, the distribution point manager olesya mospanova, which was engaged in receiving bids, as investigators say. Now the activities of dresses are enggaged in the fsb.

Meanwhile, the football club in rostov faced a possible recovery for the violating law advertising bookmaker office using the facade of his home stadium.

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