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April 25, 2022
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Political analyst anton kuchukhidze explained why the gambling business was needed in ukraine for a long time, in a special material for publication «ukrainian novini».

Gambling Business In Ukraine Was Supposed to Be Legalized for a Long Time - Expert

The situation in which the gembling industry in ukraine has been abandoned outside the law, the political scientist called unfair. Kuchukhidze also believees that, on the basis of international practice, the ban on gambling business and the establishment of the monopoly domination of the lottery – illogic. The fact is that, in his opinion, the lottery is a variety of gambling, and not something separate.

To reinforce your own position, the legislation of countries such as germany, poland and the united kingdom, in which the lottery is defined as one of the types of gambling.

The government initiative to legalize the gambling industry political analyst estimated positively for the fact that in any case there was some progress in this matter. Nevertheless, he adds that the bill was cool adopted by representatives of the gambling business and requires refinement. According to kuchukhidze, the most successful from the position of liberalization of the rules of work of gembling companies is an alternative bill 2285-6.

Despite the fact that in terms of european standards, many norms that are not enough government document – obviously, they must be voiced additionally.

Government Initiative To Legalize The Gambling Industry Political Scientist Rated Positively

Among such rules, the political analyst called the creation of a profile gambling regulator, the introduction of the transition period necessary for the organic work of the new market, creating an effective monitoring system for gembling operations. Indition, according to kuchukhidze, players must be exempt from tax on winnings.

But regold to control, the political scientist invites the authorities not to get involved in excessive taxation and inspections. The latter, according to the editorial office, does not fit into the overall concept of legalization of the european type.

It is also obvious to the political scientist that due to the introduction of income from gambling business to the budget for the next year, the bill will be accepted soon.

Recall: a journalist alexander dubinsky believees that it is possible to eliminate the shadow segment of gambling business at the expense of criminal responsibility not only for the organization, but only for promoting fraudulent actions.

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