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May 16, 2022
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Netherlands Gambling Office

The netherlands games amendments to zakon on preventing money launing and financing terrorism (wwft), which will also apply to gambling suppliers online.

Currently, wwft provisions for gambling are applied only to the holland casino game casino, which is currently the netherlands to of thefer casino games. In connection of gambling online games, the management of gaming amendments to the existing wwft rules.

In this document, the management of gambling provides gambling tools to fulfill obligations arising from wwft. Wft manual can also be used as aid when drawing up documents for submitting an application for koa permission. Applications for a license for online games can be served in gaming authority from april 1.

Further rules that will appear before launching the regulated gambling market in the netherlands include a ban on the use of sports teams in advertising and new rules for bonuses .

Sponsorship of gambling in sports are still permitted, but the rates will be prohibited on certain sporting events, including football matches in the third division of the netherlands or lower, age categories up to 21 years or younger, as well as friendly matches that are not part of fifa.

The government admitted that gambling operators expressed concern that the rules could affect the distribution of channels, butted that the protection of the players was more important.

The rules also establish a fee for processing gaming licenses in the amount of 48,000 euros .

Another change in the rules is that operators will now be allowed to offer bonuses to customers who clearly disagree on their receipt. The ban on temporary bonuses remains in force.

The rules also contain detailed information onso operators of players showing signs of problem behavior, and outlines various technical standards.

Source: official games for netherlands games.

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