Gambling Continue To Gain Momentum In New Zealand

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February 1, 2022
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According to the department of internal affairs (dia), in 2017–2018 residents of new zealand sport €one.4 billion on excitement that on €29 million more than in the previous period.

Gambling Continue to Gain Momentum in New Zealand

For comparison: the cost of food increased by 2.9%, while the costs of gambling, namely the lotteries and casinos, increased by 1.One%.

Nevertheless, after an amendment for inflation and population growth, money spent on average every resident decreased with €388 t €380.

«Raving rates increased due to numerous successful marketing campaigns, which were conducted within the framework of global events, such as the world cup. Also, an increase in the number of digital channels, which occurred in connection with the improvement of the products and functions of the tab website and the mobile application», – reports dia.

Despite these news, press secretary of the gambling foundation foundation andri froud criticized the gambling segment.

«We do not consider the right all-averaged assessment and calculation of costs for gembling per capita, as many residents do not even play gambling», – she stated.

Meanwhile, in the uk, sports rates are less popular. This is evidenced by new statistics published by the united kingdom gambling commission.

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