Gambling In Armenia Will Be Allowed Only In Special Zones

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February 1, 2022
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Gambling in armenia will now be available exclusively in specially designated gambling areas. Indition, access to online casino in public places will now be blocked. The relevant bill discussed in the framework of the government meeting on thursday, february 28.

Gambling In Armenia Will Be Allowed Only in Special Zones

The document at this stage was approved and sent for further consideration to the state parliament. According to its content, all forms of gambling, including tote, slot machines, board games and others will be available only in gambling areas. They are located in jermuk, megry, sevan, tsakhkadzor. For violation of the established rules, a cash fine is envisaged.

The minister of finance of armenia, atom, dzhanzhugazyan, explained that with the introduction of new measures to citizens of the state would be more difficult to succumb to the negative impact of gambling.

So, in bars, restaurants and other public institutions, access to the interactive casino will be blocked. Otherwise, their administration will have to pay a cash fine of 1 million drams, which is equivalent to $ 2 thousand.

Another measure involves the introduction of a self-slip system for persons recognized as incapable. Age limit will be introduced. Also operators will have to provide financial guarantees to protect the interests of gambling participants.

Earlier, depeuty chairman of the national assembly of armenia alain simonyan noted that the activities of the bekmakers in the state shold be limited.

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