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January 6, 2022
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In israel, they abandoned rates for horsepower, because of what the income of lottery operators decreased. However, the total income from gambling this year increased by 15%.

Gambling In Israel Are Becoming More Popular

In israel, last year slot cars were prohibited. And earlier, in 2016, the government stated that the country could abandon lottery income.

Israel systematically limits gambling business, complicating rules and increasing demands. However, in 2018, the revenues from will exceed 10 billion shekels. Despite the restrictions on advertising and the abolition of bets on horse racing, the state still remains in winning.
According to preliminary estimates, the total receipt from «toto» and «mythal a-pai» in 2018, they will be 10.7 billion shekels, which will exceed the income of last year by 15%. The main reason for increasing profits was the world cup 2018.

According to experts, this year the inhabitants of israel spent monhly per 100 million shekels more thank.

Since the slot machines were forbiden, the israelis began to pay more attention to the lottery.

«Toto» replaced rates on jumps by other types of sports: basketball, tennis and football. In late noverber, the organizer of sports lotteries recorded a profit in the amount of 2.5 billion shekels. The indicators suggesta that the organizers were able to cover losses from banning rates for equestrian sports in less than a year.

Israel, it is believed that the limitations of gambling business are not effective, but, on the contrary, provoke even greater interest of citizens to gambling. Indition, experts adhere to the opinions that excessive restictions can displace gambling business in the shadow segment.

Recall: in israel consider the possibility of legalizing sports poker.

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