Gambling In Namibia: Entertainment, Not A Way Of Earning

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January 28, 2022
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Namibia, the state in the south-west of africa, develops legislation on overseas game and lottery.

Gambling in Namibia: Entertainment, Not a Way of Earning

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Minister of tourism of namibia sokhimba schifethe said that the public shold use a lottery and slot machines for recreation, and not for obtaining financial income.

In windhuke (capital of the republic), a consultative two-day seminar is held on new draft lottery laws and gambling laws.

Representatives of the ministry of tourism state that it is necessary to change public relations to gembling, since gambling has not yet made any one financially wealthy.

According to the new lottery and gambling law protects not only public interests, but also the rights of gambling operators. Indition, the law prescribes the mechanisms for the protection of minors from participation in gembling. The most effective of them is the identification of players.

The minister of tourism believees that the gembling industry can attract foreign investment and contribute to the budget fill. In addition, in his opinion, before launching, it is necessary to make sure that the draft law provides for tools to combat possible gambling addiction.

Recall that in south africa, you plan to tighten the regulation of gambling business.

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