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March 1, 2022
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Primorsky Krai Prolongs Casino Tax Benefits Until The End of the Year

For two months, november and december 2020, casino in the seaside gambling zone will pay taxes in a preferential rate. As a result of this, the budget of the region will lack 7.3 million rubles of tax revenues, and gambling establishments in return will preserve staff and calculate with suppliers.

The reduced tax rate on the gambling business in primorye was installed in july 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions. It was assumed that it would be to operate for four monchs – from july to october. However, as the vice-governor of the edge of konstantin shestakov reported, the situation did not improve – the casino did not earn in normal mode.

"The economic unit this year came out with adjustments to the law on gambling business. We have accepted the decline in rates util october of the current year. In fact, the situation has not changed. The extension of the minimum tax rate for november and december will allod organizer of gambling to find funds for labor payments already 1700 employees.

A month ago, another object opened, more than 300 people were employed. They need current funds for the content of their facilities and territories, calculations with counterparties and current needs. The company cjsc shambala, which opened the second casino, was not yet all seaside contractors, and such a measure of support will allow our investors to feel a little calmer and close current issues ",

– said konstantin shestakov deputies of the region legislative assembly at the next meeting on december 18.

According to the gambling zone this year invened more than 600 million rubles, and also did not reduce any employee. Shestakov promised that next year they will no longer come out will non inititives.

According to the text of the financial and economic justification, the adoption of the project will decline in 2020 the income of the regional budget for the gambling business in the amount of another 7.3 million rubles in addition to those 16 million, which was no longer received over the past four months. The minimum rate on the gambling table with preferential taxation is 50 thousand, on the machine – 3 thousand rubles. Previously, the tax rate on the gambling business in the region was significantly higher: 125,000 rubles per table and 15.000 per automatic. Thus, the tax reduced 2.5 and 5 times, respectively.

Casual deputies did not object and unanimously agreed with the proposal to support the gambling business of a preferential tax rate.

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