Gambling In Utah: To Be Or Not To Be

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January 31, 2022
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Gary herbert, utah’s governor, expressed concerns about the bill on the legalization of sports betting. Politician does not consider this step effective in the long run.

Gambling in Utah: to be or not to be

Source photo: garyherbert.Com

The draft law, which was developed and submitted to senator david hinckins, suggests that the last word for legalization will remain behind the districts. However, the concerns of the governor can adversely affect the fate of the rates on the staff in the state.

Press secretary of the governor paul edwards added that the rates on the tote did not contribute to economic prosperity. Instead of producing new financial progress, they simply allow «overlook» financial results.

In addition, the head of the governor’s press service believes that the legalization of bets on the tote can contribute to the desire to legalize other types of gambling, which are currently prohibited by constitutionally.

Recall that washington forces the legalization of sports betting.

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